Leo Wu List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2021

Leo Wu List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2022

Leo Wu is a young Chinese actor who has already won numerous young actor and newcomer awards. He also is known by his Chinese name Wu Lei. He is considered one of the “Four Little Heavenly Kings” with Liu Hao Ran, Wang Jun Kai and Wang Yi Bo. Leo Wu began his career in 2002 as an advertising model and then made his acting debut in the 2006 drama The Young Warriors winning many hearts. The actor has had many rumors of dating his co-stars and other celebrities till now as the actor has the charm rarely someone can resist. Let’s know about this actor’s rumored and confirmed girlfriends till now…

1.Olivia Jiang:

There are good reasons for them to be in this relationship rumor. Olivia Jiang and Leo Wu met each other in their childhood days. Both these child actors played roles in the drama The Romance of the Condor Heroes. Later, this pair made even more comeback together with the drama The Whirlwind Girl. Surely they looked perfect with each other. Leo Wu has the most talked about rumor with this actress. But none of them opened up about their relationship yet.

2.Joe Chen:

Joe Chen is a Taiwanese actress, singer and television host. Who is known as the “Queen of Idol Dramas”. She is known for her roles in The Prince Who Turns into a Frog, Fated to Love You and The Queen of SOP. She was nominated at the 43rd Golden Bell Awards for her role in Fated to Love You. Leo Wu Lei and Joe Chen acted together in the 2017 movie, Into the Rainbow. From the promotional events of the movie, the 42-year-old actress seemed much closer with the 21-year old actor Leo Wu. They were very cute. Netizens loved their chemistry and started the rumor that they are something romantic. But the actress lashed out at netizens and said she thinks of him just as a friend and a sweet junior. 

3.Dilraba Dilmurat:

Uyghur beauty of China Dilraba Dilmurat is now starring together with Leo Wu in the drama The Long Ballad. Here she is the lady love of Leo Wu. They are very beautiful together in the drama which attracted the audience already. Also their behind the scene moments caught attention of media and netizens. They are pretty close and friendly with each other. The two are having a lot of fun with each other’s company which is a sign that they might be something more. Dilraba also stated that the age difference between them seems very normal to her. She doesn’t even feel they have any difference. Now we need to wait and see how far their relationship goes from colleagues to more than friends.

4.Zhao Lusi:

Dating in the Kitchen star Zhao Lusi was the other lead of the Wuxia drama The Long Ballad beside Leo Wu. There they were not a couple. But fans loved their on-screen look together. Seeing fan’s interest, directors are merging these actors as a lead now in another upcoming drama Love Like The Galaxy. Through both projects as a co-star and now the lead couple, they have known each other for a while. They formed a good friendship as well. Thus the couple were very casual and had a good time as they decided to pair up for the second time! But none of them opened up yet about the real status of their relationship.

5.Lin Yun:

Lin Yun and Leo Wu came together for the first time while shooting the drama Battle Through the Heavens. Before this drama, Lin Yun gained wide recognition for her dramas like The Mermaid, Fall in Love at First Kiss, Beautiful Reborn Flower and so on.But this drama, she had a very sweet and refreshing chemistry with the actor Leo Wu which seemed like they are really something. There are many clips of the drama that got viral about their on-screen chemistry. Thus many think that there must be something going on between them. But they have not talked about it yet.

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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