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Top 10 Unknown Fact of Kdrama Actor Lee Min Ho

Publish By: Celedrama

Date: 26 Apr, 2023


Lee Min Ho's Parents Were Against His Acting Career

Lee Min Ho's parents were initially against him pursuing a career in acting. However, Lee Min Ho went behind their backs and went to a casting call where he landed his first role in the TV drama Secret Campus.

Lee Min Ho Was a Competitive Swimmer

Before he became an actor, Lee Min Ho was a competitive swimmer. He even won a bronze medal at the National Games in South Korea. Unfortunately, a severe injury forced him to give up his swimming career.

Lee Min Ho Is Fluent in Four Languages

Aside from his native Korean, Lee Min Ho can speak English, Chinese, and Japanese fluently. This skill has helped him expand his career beyond South Korea and reach a wider audience.

Lee Min Ho Is an Environmental Activist

Lee Min Ho is known for his passion for environmental issues. He is a goodwill ambassador for the Korean Foundation for Environmental Movement and has been involved in various campaigns to promote eco-friendly practices.

Lee Min Ho Has a Phobia of Bugs

Despite his tough-guy persona on screen, Lee Min Ho is terrified of bugs. He has a phobia of insects and becomes visibly uncomfortable when he sees one.

Lee Min Ho Was a Class Clown in School

Lee Min Ho's sense of humor has always been a part of him. He was known as the class clown during his school days and would often get into trouble for making his classmates laugh during class.

Lee Min Ho Survived a Serious Car Accident

In 2011, Lee Min Ho was in a serious car accident that left him with a broken leg. He had to undergo several months of recovery and rehabilitation before he could resume his acting career.

Lee Min Ho Has a Close Relationship with His Fans

Lee Min Ho is known for his appreciation of his fans. He interacts with them regularly on social media, and he even held a fan meeting to celebrate his birthday, where he performed and shared personal stories.

Lee Min Ho Has a Sweet Tooth

Despite his chiseled physique, Lee Min Ho loves sweets. He has a sweet tooth and loves indulging in desserts, especially chocolate.

Lee Min Ho Is Humble and Kind

Despite his success and fame, Lee Min Ho remains humble and kind towards others. He has been praised by his colleagues and fans alike for his down-to-earth personality and generosity.

In conclusion, these lesser-known facts about Lee Min Ho show that there is more to the actor than just his good looks and talent. He is a multi-talented individual who is passionate about making a difference in the world, has a great sense of humor, and is appreciative of his fans. These qualities make him an even more admirable public figure and add to his appeal as an actor and role model.

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