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Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Confirmed Marriage after 6 Years of Relationship

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Date: 21 May, 2023


If you are a fan of our JCW and Nam Ji Hyun, you probably have already watched the drama Suspicious Partner. The show outperformed other running shows back in 2017 by consistently ranking first among viewers from different age groups. The cast and crew gained many awards for the drama, especially its lead pair Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun as best performers. 

It’s been six years since the drama ended with an all-time high viewership rating. But we cannot get over this pair yet due to their ongoing hide-and-seek relationship rumors. We cannot but wish this couple to be real given their amazing off-screen chemistry. And now it's time for them to reveal their hidden relationship finally. Why? Because our beloved oppa Ji Chang Wook and onni Nam Ji Hyun are going to tie their knot this 2023 after six years of their relationship!

There are many reasons why we could not let go of this lovely couple after six years. Ji Chang Wook has been paired up with many hot and gorgeous actresses before like Park Min Young, Yoona, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Ji Won, Won Jin-a and many more. But once you have seen his on-screen chemistry with the cute actress Nam Ji Hyun in the 2017 drama Suspicious Partner, there is no coming back from shipping them together from the core of your heart. They have this undeniable relationship on and off screen that we automatically wish them to see together in real life! But it's not just our speculation that the two have been rumored of dating for years. It's their own activities which make us suspicious about them. 

From the very beginning of their shooting days, Ji Chang and Nam Ji Hyun have openly admired each other openly in any interview and related promotional shows. Back in 2017, during an ongoing shooting of one episode, Ji Chang Wook said about the show and Nam Ji Hyun that- 

I enjoy the show as the script was joyful and the casts also go along well. After today’s shoot ended, I believe me and Nam Ji Hyun will have a good chemistry

The two got along really well when they figured they would go to the same hair-dresser. They used to go to the same hair salon as well which surprised them on set. They figured out they have a similar taste in style, food and life. Ji Chang Wook revealed that he feels very close to her because of her personality that matches his taste. He believed that this was the reason they looked so good on-screen.

Ji Chang and Ji Hyun’s sweet conversations on set, teasing tendencies to each other, talking for hours and even chatting on phone proved that there was more to their friendship. Everyone of the crew believed that they started dating each other soon. Insiders said, they always used to tease each other on the set and looked like a cute couple! Their relationship is referred to as "relation goals" due to their adorable appearance and Ji Chang Wook's jealous behavior towards other men. Their on-screen chemistry is so strong that people cannot get enough of them, and they make an incredibly cute and beautiful couple!

After the drama ended back in 2017, Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun remained in contact. Right after the drama, Ji Chang had to head off to his mandatory military service. Reporters asked Ji Chang Wook if he wanted Nam Ji Hyun to come to visit him at that time. He revealed that they already talked about that and JI Chang told her not to visit him. But deep inside he would have been happy if she visited him! We already can sense his intention of expressing his eagerness towards Nam Ji Hyun. And guess what! Nam Ji Hyun actually visited him in between his military service! When Ji Chang was engaged in a play while still serving in the military, Nam Ji Hyun visited him and helped him with the script. So we can be assured that their love-story did not end because of long-distance! After completing his military service, Ji Chang Wook resumed his career and some fans believe that he may have rekindled his relationship with Nam Ji Hyun.

When asked about her ideal type, Nam Ji Hyun confessed once that Ji Chang Wook resembles her ideal type! She could not be clearer about how much she likes Ji Chang Wook. She added that Ji Chang Wook is a great actor with whom she can see the world through his eyes. Whenever she is with Ji Chang Wook, she feels like there is nobody else but him in that place. She feels intimidated by him. She said that nobody can resist such a handsome person. Her direct admiration towards Ji Chang Wook is a clear indication of her relationship with him.

Ji Chang Wook also said about Nam Ji Hyun that- Despite our age difference, I behave like a child around her and can joke with her. I always wanted to become comfortable and communicate with her. I was able to develop feelings on the stage.  

Also, when asked about the ideal type, Ji Chang Wook said- “I want to date someone who I can totally click with. I want somebody who can allow me to be innocent like a child. I know I might sound a little bit picky, but someone like a muse who can inspire me is my ideal type.”  His words are very similar to when he expressed his feelings about Nam Ji Hyun. There cannot be any other doubt that these two have been in a relationship since 2017!

After six long years of dating, the two are rumored to reveal their relationship and get married soon in 2023. There has been a lot of good news for us since 2022 when we saw stars like Hyun Bin or Song Joong Ki getting married and even having kids. It's now time for our beloved Ji Chang Wook-Nam Ji Hyun couple to get hitched and have cute kids just like them! The two are rumored to get married by the end of the year, probably in the coming winter season. They are preparing hard for their big day but hiding it all along to give us the surprise one day. Till they reveal the news themselves, finger crossed for them!


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