Park Min Young Rumoured and Confirmed Boyfriends
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Park Min Young Rumoured and Confirmed Boyfriends

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Date: 07 Jan, 2024


Park Min Young is a well-known stunning South Korean diva who rose to fame after starring in hit TV series like Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter and Healer. This timeless actress won the heart of the audience with her mesmerising beauty and versatile acting. Park Min Young didn’t only impress the fans but also impressed many actors and famous celebrities in her 18 years of career and came to the light with shocking headlines of her dating life. Today we will talk about Park Min Young's rumoured and confirmed boyfriends and you tell us which ones you think were real. So, let's begin

  1. Businessman Kang 

Park Min Young was reportedly dating a wealthy businessman in 2022. On September 28, Dispatch revealed that the actress is in a relationship with a wealthy businessman named “Kang”. It was also reported that Park Min Young’s older sister was connected to him as a director of INBIOGEN, one of the companies listed on Kang’s business card that he is noted as a chairman of. Later, Min Young's agency “Hook Entertainment” confirmed that they were in fact going out but broke up later for personal reasons.

  1. Kim Jae Wook

Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook were voted the hottest couple of 2019 after starring together in the romantic comedy “Her Private Life”. The couple looked like an ideal couple and their compatibility was too good to be true. From on-screen chemistry to promotional interviews, Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook looked like a real life couple. Rumours and speculations started to rise but it was denied by both their agencies. Yet actor Kim Jae Wook is still on the top list of rumored boyfriends of the beautiful actress. So, have you seen the TV series? What do you think about their possibility of having a relationship? 

  1. Lee Min Ho

Hallyu star, Lee Min Ho is also listed as a past lover of Park Min Young. They dated secretly while shooting for the popular TV series “City Hunter”. The series was the most viewed drama of 2011 and even had Chinese and Hong Kong adaptations. During their promotional activities the actors were often found praising each other infront of the camera. There were sweet moments of them in “Behind the scenes and interviews. Park Min Young was also spotted at the apartment of Lee Min Ho. All of these confirmed their dating speculations. They never confirmed or denied the relationship.

  1. Park Seo Joon

Park Min Young's one of the most famous TV series is “What's Wrong with Secretary Kim” alongside Park Seo Joon. With the skyrocketing ratings and fame, Park-Park couple also made headlines of being in a relationship with each other. Their heart-pumping chemistry still makes the series one of the most popular Korean dramas of all time. They were spotted in each other’s locations and Instagram posts which made fans believe they were dating. The couple reportedly dated for a long time before breaking up in 2021. 

  1. Ji Chang Wook

Heartthrob actor, Ji Chang Wook was rumored dating Park Min Young back in 2014. The actors starred together as a loving couple in the action packed romantic drama “Healer”. While viewers got hooked on the drama’s action scenes, on top of it, their undeniable chemistry, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young were hit by dating rumors as fans shipped the two, claiming that they might be in a secret relationship. There were no evidence of their relationship but Park Min Young is known for being secretive about her personal life. She even once claimed to be dating a co-star secretly but left no trace for fans to find out. 

  1. Song Joong-ki

You will be surprised to know, Hallyu actor Joong-ki were also entangled in a dating rumour with actress Park Min Young. Back in 2010, when both the actors were rising as a celebrity, they reportedly dated for a period of time. The stars 1st met on the set of “Sungkyukwan Scandal” where both got in the lime light and achieved popularity  for their exceptional acting. Song Joong-ki played the role of a 2nd lead actor but surely got the position of the 1st in Park Min Young's life. The rumour started when the actors were spotted flirting and showing romantic gestures with each other on set. While there weren’t much on-screen romance, they had something cooking off-screen. Tell us what do you think about the hallyu stars. What would happen if they continued their relationship? 

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