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Seo In Guk List of Rumors and Confirmed Girlfriends 2023

Publish By: Celedrama

Date: 23 Aug, 2023


Our Shopaholic Louise, Seo In Guk is famous for his music and acting career at the same time. He is one of those talented celebrities who not only sings great but acts flawless as well. Seo In-guk is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor. He launched his singing career after winning the talent reality show Superstar K in 2009, and made his acting breakthrough in Reply 1997. The famous actor has many popular series in his cart now such as his first breakthrough Reply 1997: Answer Me, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, Hello Monster, Squad 38 and so on. With his singing and acting career of 12 long years, this actor has been in a lot of relationship rumors among which some of them he confirmed and some remained under curtain. Let’s know about some of his major relationship rumors and confirmed relationships till now…

  1. Park Bo Ram:

South Korean singer Park Bo-ram took part in Mnet's Superstar K2 and finished in eighth place. Park Bo Ram made her debut with the release of the digital single "Beautiful" featuring Zico on August 7, 2014. Both Seo In Guk and Park Bo Ram are former contestants of the TV program Superstar K and K2. Seo In Guk participated in the show's first season (2009), while Park Bo Ram appeared in its second season (2010). But the two first became best friends when Park Bo Ram's mother passed away in 2010. Seo In Guk was there to comfort her during those difficult times which naturally led to them becoming closer despite their seven years of age gap. The two actually announced their relationship in the media in 2017. But it is said that they started seeing each other two years before the announcement. Sadly in 2018 they announced their break up as well. 

  1. Sunny:

Before the official relationship with Park Bo Ram, Seo In Guk was seen and highly rumored with another celebrity singer in the industry. It was none other than Girl’s Generation's Sunny. Reportedly the two had been introduced through another Girl’s Generation member Yuri. Yuri and Seo worked in a movie named No Breathing in 2013. While shooting he got introduced with Sunny and after that they both were often seen with each other. Seo In Guk was hospitalized during those years when Sunny was seen taking care of Seo in the hospital without even caring about the media. This kind gesture of Sunny made the rumor very strong that they were really dating back then. But we have no report from both celebs why they finished it off.

  1. Yoona:

Funnily Seo In Guk seems very famous among this Girl’s Generation idol group. He had rumors with another member from this group, Yoona. The rumor started during a basketball event. Both the actors worked in the drama Love Rain previously. So when In Guk saw Yoona in the Basketball stadium he went to say Hi according to his statement. Reporters clicked their pictures meanwhile and dating rumors were spread crazily. When it happened in 2013, Seo In Guk did not look bothered much about it. Who knows if it was true or not.

  1. Jung Eun Ji:

This famous on-screen couple was the first popular couple of the Reply series, Reply 1997. You will be surprised to know that getting actors for the first Reply series was not that easy. The director of the drama confessed many rank one actors rejected the roles portrayed by Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji. It was another actor’s bad-luck but Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji’s luck turned around just after its release. Thus Reply series became one of the biggest phenomena of Kdrama history which gave us more two sequels afterwards. Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji’s chemistry was naturally well received and loved by the fans. Their friendship afterwards also became popular and caused rumors that they are dating in real life as well. The rumors did not end with the end of the series. It went on further for the time being until Seo In Guk talked about it in the media and denied it.

  1. Nam Ji Hyun:

Another actress who looked very cute with Seo In Guk is Suspicious Partner actress Nam Ji Hyun. They worked together in Seo In Guk’s second hit drama series Shopaholic Louise where he acted as a Shopping geek. The chemistry of them on-screen was very cute and lovely. Both can portray a childlike innocent character which helped them in pursuing their character. But things didn’t end with their on-screen chemistry. Soon fans started comparing the chemistry of Nam ji Hyun-Ji Chang Wook with Nam Ji Hyun-Seo In Guk. Both of their chemistry was great on-screen and with both of them, Nam Ji Hyun was rumored to be in relationships. There was no official statement regarding this, but fans believe Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun are a great match. 

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