Zhao Lusi Rumored and Confirmed Boyfriends 2024
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Zhao Lusi Rumored and Confirmed Boyfriends 2024

Publish By: Celedrama

Date: 21 Dec, 2023


Zhao Lusi is one of the most charming and powerful rising actresses of the Chinese entertainment industry. She is an actress renowned for her compelling performances in television dramas. She gained widespread recognition for her role as a supporting character in the popular series Untouchable Lovers in 2018. Zhao continued to captivate audiences with her talent in subsequent projects, such as Oh! My Emperor, Love Better Than Immortality, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Love Like the Galaxy, Hidden Love etc. Zhao Lusi is pretty round faced like her idol Zhao Liying. Generally she is always under the supervision of netizens. Everybody wants to know whom she is dating. Zhao Lusi's ideal type is someone with a good sense of humor, loveliness, trickiness and gentleness. So let's get started with today's topic and see whom Zhao Lusi has dated or was inclined to. 

  1. Non-celeb 

Zhao Lusi went to Taiwan to pursue her higher studies in MingDao University. There one of her college mates was a DJ. She dated him secretly for some time. It was all before her debut. Somehow some of their couple pictures were released. In those pictures she was seen in matching outfits with her boyfriend and enjoying quality time.

  1. Li Hongyi 

Li Hongyi is a 25 years old dashing actor. He and Zhao Lusi shared screen two times in 2019 for Prodigy Healer and Love Better Than Immortality. They are suspected to be in love as their sweet interaction off screen picked up. Reports say Li Hongyi approached Zhao Lusi and these two dated back then for a while. 

  1. Yang Yang

Yang Yang is the A listed actors of C-media. He is known and appreciated globally. Zhao Lusi and him were lovers in the 2022 drama Who Rules The World. Through the historical drama their CP Hei-Bai picked top position on trend. Despite lot of speculation these two remained silent regarding their relationship. 

  1. Wu Lei

Actor Wu Lei mostly goes by the name Leo Wu. He is only 23 years old and known as China's Little Brother. Zhao Lusi encountered Wu Lei in the 2022 drama Love Like the Galaxy. Their intimate interaction was one of the reason behind high ratings. Many tabloids claimed these two fell in love. Zhao Lusi is two years elder to him which made shippers ship them hard. But at the end the pair didn't  confirme the rumor nor denied it. 

  1. Chen Zheyuan

Actor, singer Chen Zheyuan and Zhao Lusi caught attention in 2023. Their CP in Hidden Love is most adored one till now. Every body loved Duan Jiaxu and Sang Zhi's sincere romance. People also noticed behind the scene which was more captivating. They toured together and people noticed how much Zheyuan clinge to Zhao Lusi. But these two remained silent. Perhaps Chen Zheyuan had something for her. 

  1. Xiao Zhan 

Zhao Lusi's name entangled with Xiao Zhan a long time ago. In 2018 they paired up in the drama Oh! My Emperor. Many people shipped them and loved them from core. But nothing serious came up until 2020. In 2020 Zhao Lusi mistakenly confessed in her Weibo post. She deleted it instantly but the post already got viral. From this fans were sure something is going between Zhao Lusi and Xiao Zhan. Their agency tried to shut it down. Currently these two are in a stable relationship with each other. Reports say soon they will take the holy vow and announce it. 

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