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Ji Chang Wook rumored and confirmed girlfriends 2023

Publish By: Celedrama

Date: 23 Aug, 2023


Ji Chang Wook is a South Korean actor who is also known for being a talented singer. He rose to fame for playing the lead role of Dong-hae in daily drama series Smile Again. He had notable lead roles in television series such as Warrior Baek Dong-soo, Empress Ki, Healer, The K2, Suspicious Partner, Melting Me Softly and so on. This charming Korean actor recently won many hearts of the dramaholics by his webtoon based series Backstreet Rookie and Lovestruck in the City. His cute lover boyish look made the viewers more curious about his love life if he’s as charismatic as we see him in his roles! The K2 star revealed about his ideal type in an interview that he is looking for someone with whom he can totally click with! He’d rather find comfort than good looks in a partner. So, let’s find out about his love life!

  1. Ha Ji Won:
    This beautiful actress Ha Ji Won worked as a co-star in the drama titled Empress Ki. With their tremendous acting skills and on-screen chemistry, fans assumed them to be in a relationship. Despite the huge age difference between them, the couple seemed to fit so well together. Fans and media could not help but wonder if the connection was the same in real life. However, the rumors were neither denied nor accepted to be true.

  2. Park Min Young:
    There were rumors that Ji Chang Wook had gone out with actress Park Min-young. Both actors seemed to have an amazing chemistry between them in the drama ‘HEALER’. These rumors began to rise after their fans noticed that the duo was close off-camera, as both actors posted various pictures with each other on their social media accounts. The two denied the rumors and called each other close friends. When asked about this dating rumor, he answered, “Did we really do a good job in our acting?”

  3. Kim Joo Ri:
    In 2015, Ji was linked up with former Miss Korea, Kim Joo-Ri. The duo was seen hanging out together multiple times and spotted wearing the same exact necklace and sunglasses. Their appearance provoked a rumor of the duo dating each other. It is said that once Ri followed Chang in a photoshoot in Bali. Later Ji’s agency said, ”They were good friends and often went out to hang out with each other”. The rumors of them being in a relationship are not confirmed to be true. So, what do you think? Were they just friends or more?

  4. Kim Yoona:

THE K2 co-star Yoona and Chang were rumored to be dating because a kissing scene occurred to the drama that seemed too genuine to not be true to the fans. Well, Ji Chang Wook has once and for all cleared the doubts. Ji Chang Wook said in an interview, "The dating rumors involving Yoona are not true.” He also said that it has been very regular for him with all these dating rumors with his co-stars.

  1. Kim Yoo Jung

    LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT actor Yoo Jung and Chang performed in a romantic comedy series ‘BACKSTREET ROOKIE’ which happened to be very popular recently among the netizens. The two actors talked about their chemistry on set and revealed that they were both shy at first. Ji Chang Wook shared that they got closer with time and it became natural when filming together. Ji Chang Wook confessed about Kim Yoo Jung that he thinks she is very considerate, and their chemistry is great on-screen. They became close even after the show ended. According to friends, the two always keep a close relationship with each other, regularly texting each other about their health. All these signs are a clear indication that these two may be really dating each other.

  2. Nam Ji Hyun:

Nam Ji Hyun was with Ji Chang Wook in the drama Suspicious Partner in 2017. The great pair grabbed much attention with the comedy thriller drama and gained high ratings with their chemistry. But their friendship was much closer than that. Even when Ji Chang Wook went to his mandatory military service after this drama, she wished good luck to him. Rumors were there that the two really had more than friendship with each other which can be love. But none of them announced anything in the media. 

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