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Korean Actresses Who Wanted To Marry Ji Chang Wook

Publish By: Celedrama

Date: 23 Aug, 2023


Have you seen Healer or K2? If you are a K-drama fan, famous actor Ji Chang Wook has been on your crush list for sure. His charming look, height and smart figure makes him the ideal boyfriend material, the dream boy of Millions of girls out there who keep him as their wallpaper. But do you know? This charming actor is not only our crush! Many popular actresses admire him and want to be with him! There are some rumors of Ji Chang Wook dating his co stars who wanted to marry Ji Chang Wook for real! Let’s check out the list of actresses who wanted to marry Ji Chang Wook in real life…

  1. Ha Ji Won:

Famous actress Ha Ji Won appeared in the drama Empress Ki with Ji Chang Wook. With the popularity of this long episode period drama, the couple’s popularity also got higher. But it was reported that this pair actually dated each other for quite a while. The two were seen off-screen having a good time with each other. Ha Ji Won seemed to be quite serious about him and wanted to marry this actor, though they did not announce their relationship. 

  1. Park Min Young:

Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook met on the set of Healer. Their on-screen pair was so adorable that fans wanted them to be lovers in real life. Soon their dating rumor went viral over the internet. They had good friendship and often were seen together even after their shooting. Park Min Young was rumored to be in love with this handsome actor and wanted to marry him in real life. 

  1. Yoona:

The K2 actress Im Yoon-ah is a famous singer from the K-pop band Girls’ Generation. The action thriller romance K2 made this pair very popular worldwide. They had a good off-screen bond as well as their on-screen chemistry. Yoona was proved to be moved by Ji Chang Wook when she revealed their romantic scenes brought them together. Rumor was there that they were dating each other in real life. Yoona’s confession says that she was interested and wanted to marry Ji Chang Wook .

  1. Kim Yoo Jung:

The year 2020 gave us the hit drama Backstreet Rockie starring Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung. With their drama popularity their dating news also became popular among netizens. Child turned actress Yoo Jung is reportedly single and actually has a good time with her co-star Ji Chang Wook. Who knows she is really serious about him and want to marry this handsome actor!

  1. Nam Ji Hyun:

They did Suspicious Partner together. The drama was 2017’s biggest hit which brought Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook together. Nam Ji Hyun really looked great with Ji Chang Wook. The two always said great things about each other and seemed to have a great relationship. But it was suspicious just like their drama title! The two were often seen together and rumored to be in a romantic relationship. Nam Ji Hyun also wanted to marry this actor as they seemed to like each other for real.

  1. Wang Ji Hye:

    Wang Ji Hye and Ji Chang Wook had to shoot for a long time for their long episode drama Bachelor’s Vegetable Store. Their on and off-screen relationship was so great that fans wanted these two to date for real. Wang Ji Hye always said good things about Ji Chang Wook. She seemed to be impressed with the actor which is very normal as his charm is very hard to resist. Wang Ji Hye also might have wanted to marry this actor.

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