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Confirmed The Heirs 2 Release In November 2023 Lee Min Ho Song Hye Kyo Park Shin Hye

Publish By: Rakib Hossain

Date: 11 Sep, 2023


To all the fans of the beloved Korean drama The Heirs, hold your seats! Because the blockbuster hit of 2013 is coming right back with a brand-new sequel! Yes, you heard that right. Our favorite series The Heirs is rumored to be released in 2024 with a more ecstatic storyline and a freshly lined-up cast. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the news of its sequel ever since the show first aired in 2013. And now, it's official! The Heirs 2 is set to release in August 2024, and the excitement among fans is overflowing. With an impressive cast that includes Lee Min Ho, Song Hye Kyo, and Park Shin Hye, The Heirs is going to be another hit of 2024 that may break the record of its previous one! Watch this video till the end to find out all the details that are going to happen in the Heirs 2…

The Heirs aka The Inheritors was undoubtedly a massive hit when it first aired, it caught the attention of audiences around the globe with its catchy storylines and unforgettable characters. The show’s success was largely because of its star-studded cast, including Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan, Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang, Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do, Kim Ji Won as Rachel Yoo, Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won, and Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young. The chemistry between the actors, coupled with a gripping plot about the lives of wealthy high school students and their tangled relationships, made this drama an instant classic youth drama.

Now that it has been officially confirmed that The Heirs 2 is in the works and is set to premiere in mid-2024, fans cannot wait to know what is going to be its new storyline and who is going to star in its sequel! Today we will reveal all these secrets to you!

The new storyline of The Heirs 2 is going to continue its storyline from the first season because there were so many open ends to its characters. In its first season, Kim Tan, heir to Jeguk Group, was sent to the U.S. by his half-brother Kim Won, who seeks control of the company. In the U.S., he meets Cha Eun-sang who went there in search of her sister. Despite his engagement to Yoo Rachel, Kim Tan falls for Eun-sang. Soon they meet again in South Korea where Eun-sang’s mother happens to work in Kim Tan’s house as a maid! On the other hand, Kim Tan’s former friend-turned-enemy, Choi Young-do also falls for Eun-sang and it creates more tension between Kim Tan and Eun Sang. By the end of the first season, Tan and Eun eventually overcome all the difficulties and are seen holding hands together. 

Now in the second season of The Heirs, the story of Kim Tan and Eun Sang will move in another direction! This time, Park Shin Hye will be a part of The Heirs for a very short period of time in some of the scenes to reminisce about their romance of the first season. But fans are going to be heartbroken at first. Kim Tan and Eun Sang will be seen breaking up after dating for 10 years because of their family issues that rose up again! Kim Tan will be seen as very heartbroken because he will blame himself a lot because of this break-up and hurting Eun Sang on the way. And this time, a surprising main lead of season 2 will appear to heal Kim Tan’s wounds who is none other than Song Hye Kyo!

Lee Min Ho has always been a big fan of the Glory actress, the evergreen queen Song Hye Kyo. It's rumored that Lee Min Ho himself pursued Heirs’ producer to cast Song Hye Kyo opposite him as it was a big dream of him to work alongside Song Hye Kyo. It will definitely be a big-budget drama casting two of the most admired and anticipated actors on one screen. 

Besides this surprising main lead, more new and recurring faces will join the cast of The Heirs. This time, Mr. Queen actor Choi Jin Hyuk will again be the loving yet sarcastic brother of Lee Min Ho. Kang Min Hyuk will have a very important role this time as Yoon Chan Young. The new cast list may add The Uncanny Counter’s Jo Byeong Kyu, Our Blue’s Bae Hyun Sung, and so on. But the main attraction will be the breathtaking chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo, as this is the dream on-screen couple of many fans right now. Lee Min Ho also expressed that she is his dream girl. It seems like Lee Min Ho already has a crush on Song Hye Kyo and this drama may become a big opportunity for Lee to win the heart of this evergreen beauty!

Now the production team behind The Heirs 2 is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the sequel lives up to the high expectations set by its previous season. From the scriptwriting to the direction, every aspect of the show is meticulously crafted to make it even more entertaining to its viewers. Fans can expect the same high production values and attention to detail that made the original series a blockbuster hit. To make its screenplay amazing, the team has decided on some beautiful shooting locations for the drama. The drama will again start in the USA, especially in New York City and Niagara Falls. The drama will take place in both the USA and Seoul, South Korea. The production team is now finalizing the filming set of the drama. 

The Heirs 2 cast, Lee Min Ho is now busy promoting his upcoming drama Ask The Stars where he is starring alongside Gong Hyo Jin. But The Glory actress is yet to sign up for a new drama! Perhaps, Song Hye Kyo is busy getting the concept of The Heirs 2 which is surely becoming another hit of hers. With the return of fan-favorite actors like Lee Min Ho and the addition of the famous actress Song Hye Kyo, this series is definitely going to be a must-watch. The latest sequel will also explore various relationships between the casts of love, friendship, and life. This time, the adult version of all the Heirs characters will touch fans’ hearts once again. The series is now set to premiere soon by mid-2024 and many more exciting additions we can find in there! Let’s see what happens in this second season and who ends up with whom in it!


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