Top 10 Scariest WWE Wrestlers In The World

Top 10 Scariest WWE Wrestlers In The World

WWE is already a scary place to deal with. But fans know what they signed for and they enjoy being scared like that. The more scary and dangerous these wrestlers can become, the more interesting that match can be. But there are some wrestlers in WWE who are not normal scary wrestlers with only gimmicks. Some players are way too dangerous for their opponents with their extra wild moves, scary theme song and dangerous personality. Let’s know 10 such players, who are the most dangerous and scariest WWE wrestlers in the world

1. Jake “The Snake” Roberts:

His name explains itself, how scary this wrestler can be. He is an American professional wrestler and actor currently signed to All Elite Wrestling where he performs as manager to Lance Archer. The man seems all okay with his posture and gimmick except the fact that he carries an innocent snake with him in the ring. And after beating his opponent completely, he lays that snake on the opponent. He also was the master at psychological warfare and often had his opponents beaten before they ever stepped into the ring with him. Scary enough? More stories are coming next…

2.  The Boogeyman:

He is now a retired professional wrestler who is currently signed to WWE under a legends contract and an aerobics instructor. This man was not a human with his Boogeyman gimmick. As funny as his name looks, his avatar was not funny at all but disgusting and scary at the same time. He has a big physique, devilish face paint and a haunting mouth which is overflowing with live worms! Yes, that’s right. He is one of the most disgusting wrestlers of all time with his avatar which used to haunt his opponents down for a long time. He literally used to give nightmares to his opponents.

3.  Waylon Mercy:

Daniel Eugene Spivey aka Waylon Mercy will seem to you the most peace-loving wrestler ever. His slicked back hair, several tattoos, a dagger on his forehead and Hawaiian shirts were symbols of his gimmick. He used to take shots in beautiful locations. He described himself as “a peaceful man who likes no problems,” while still somehow conveying a disconcerting deceit beneath his words. He was indeed peaceful until the bell rang on the game. As soon as the bell sounded, Mercy revealed sinister intentions, culminating with a Sleeper Hold accompanied by a crazed, wide-eyed look where you cannot believe what he was a minute before!

4. Kamala:

There was a manager in the wrestling industry back in the 80’s, called General Skandar Akbar. He brought in monsters from all over wrestling to work for him in Devastation Incorporated. One of these monsters was Kamala. Kamala kept his gimmick in WWE, as a Ugandan savage. He always had a handler known as Friday and kept it in WWE. He was a scary monster who ran all over everyone and scared them as hell with his painted face and posture as a monster. The wrestler died in 2020 at the age of 70.

5. Mankind:

We know Bray Wyatt as the scariest wrestler of modern time. But history says, Bray is actually the modern days Mankind! He was a brawler and a hardcore wrestler in WCW, Japan and ECW when he joined WWE. Mankind was a mentally unstable schizophrenic who came to the ring in a mask and often would sit in the corner, ripping his hair out, while screaming “mommy.” He lived in boiler rooms and destroyed everyone he got his hands on. Undoubtedly the scariest thing ever.

6. Papa Shango:

Papa Shango was a short-lived gimmick of Charles Wring who is better known as The Godfather. Before The Godfather, he tried many other gimmicks among which, Papa Shango was his first one. Papa Shango was a scary wrestler who’s entire purpose was to come in and feud with Undertaker, giving one scary supernatural character. He was a voodoo priest and could control Undertaker when he got the urn!

7.  Doink The Clown:

Of course any clown is scary enough for some people out there. And Doink the Clown was that exact clown who would call you to finish you. His purpose in WWE was to scare the kids among the audience. He was an evil clown who was sinister and cheated to win, using dastardly tactics. But Doink also did not last long in WWE.

8. Kane:

The Undertaker had his first gimmick as Kane. Not everyone gets to popularize more than one gimmick in WWE, but this wrestler got that. Kane was way too famous among all the wrestling lovers which later carried on with his career as The Undertaker. The story was that Undertaker burned down his family’s mortuary as a child and killed them. Only his brother survived and was burned and driven mad by Kane! He then returned to WWE and sought revenge against Undertaker. For years, Kane was even scarier than Undertaker and reigned hellfire and brimstone onto those he crossed paths with.

9.  The Undertaker:

We could not help but mention him again as this character is way too popular as one of the scariest gimmicks in the history of WWE. With power, strength and the image he portrays is undoubtedly dangerous to see for a soft-hearted person. When he came to WWE, he was the Dead Man, a zombie-like character who came to the ring and put his opponents in body bags at the end of matches. But he turned into more of a supernatural cult leader who had superhuman powers, which included shooting electricity and even ascending after his “death” in more than one matches. With time, he became a true icon in WWE history.

10. Bray Wyatt:

Finally we get to talk about Bray Wyatt. He is the new scary wrestler terrorizing everyone in WWE. He is like Mankind but there are more things that have been added. He is The Fiend, the scary monster who wants to hurt anyone and everyone who gets in his way. He has another Bray Wyatt character who acts as a children’s show host and wants people to follow him. Bray Wyatt is a genius and one of the scariest wrestlers in WWE history with his monster like look and strong performance in the ring.

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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