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Yang Yang Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2023

Publish By: Rakib Hossain

Date: 14 Sep, 2023


Yang Yang is a widely popular Chinese actor, singer, dancer and model. He debuted at the age of 19 in 2010. Currently he is under Yuekai Entertainment. Yang Yang has been a cultural enthusiast since his childhood. He debuted in 2007 as a lead in one of the most expensive Chinese TV series The Dream of Red Mansions. In 2015 he started gaining recognition through the coming-of-age drama The Left Ear. He is most notable for his roles in The Lost Tomb, The Whirlwind Girl, Love O2O, Martial Universe, The King's Avatar, You Are My Glory, Glory of Special Forces, Who Rules The World,Fireworks of My Heart and films The Left Ear, I Belonged to You, Once Upon a Time. He has his wax figure in Madame Tussauds Shanghai and Beijing. He is one of the most influential people in China. For his excellent acting skill and charming personality he has become an Internationally acknowledged artist. His fanbase is also huge. Wanna know whom this handsome hunk is dating and with whom he has been in the past? Then stay tuned with us till the end of this video. 

  1. Wang Churan

Yang Yang is dating his Fireworks of My Heart co-star Wang Churan. They grew closer while filming this contemporary romance drama. Wang Churan is only 24 years old and debuted in 2017. Yang Yang and Wang Churan are making a cute pair on screen. Many fans are shipping them in real life. Rumors say they are living together as they often come from the same neighborhood. In 2023 they were seen many times on dates. 

  1. Bridgette Qiao Xin

Yang Yang shopping in London with Qiao Xin got viral. Fans were quick to react to those pictures. Social media bursted with those photos. Qiao Xin confessed that she is in a relationship but that guy is not Yang Yang and netizens clarified that as well.

  1. Zheng Shuang

Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang took the media by storm with their hit 2016 drama Love O2O. For their sweet, cute on screen chemistry they were immediately indulged in a dating scandal. But Zheng's relationship got exposed and this rumor died down quickly.

  1. Li Qin

Li Qin was Yang Yang's partner in his debut drama. That time Yang Yang was in his late teen age and crazily in love with Li Qin. In an interview he unhesitantly acknowledged that Li Qin is his ideal type. They dated for a while until their career meddled between them. ImYang Yang was a rising star and Li Qin was having ups and downs. Without any acknowledgement their distance increased and they had to part their ways. 

  1. Zhao Lusi

Yang Yang and top actress Zhao Lusi paired up in the drama Who Rules the World. Their interaction makes people think they are pretty close to each other thus many shippers wonder whether they are dating in real life or not. 

  1. Victoria Song

Yang Yang dated F(x) member Victoria Song for sometime during 2018. Though they denied the rumor, Intel says differently. Yang Yang was caught several times receiving her at his hotel. They were greatly in love. Victoria Song wanted to go public with the relationship but Yang Yang's agency refused so. Discontent regarding this caused them to break up.

  1. Dilraba Dilmurat 

Uyghur actress Dilraba Dilmurat and Yang Yang had a wedding in the drama You Are My Glory in 2018. Even after finishing the drama this pair couldn't let go of each other. They often went on long drives together and didn't care about whether people were reacting or not. This closeness proves they are dating. Many reports say they are serious about each other and might announce wedding news soon. Are they still together or moved is still bit mystery.


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