Top 10 Korean Actresses Who Are Hiding Their Pregnancy

Top 10 Korean Actresses Who Are Hiding Their Pregnancy || Shin Min Ah || Park Shin Hye || Son Ye Jin

Korean actresses are way too serious about their professional career. Even if they fall in love and get engaged to get married, often they try to hide the facts until they are officially married. This also happens when the actresses get pregnant. Maybe for upcoming projects or ongoing projects, they hide the fact that they are pregnant. Sometimes they think about arranging their work schedule first before announcing it. Even now some actresses are there who are actually pregnant but the news is hidden from the public. Let’s know about 10 such actresses who are hiding their pregnancy or were hiding their pregnancy but came out very recently…

1. Park Shin Hye:

Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Jun were hiding their good news until now. The pair met and started dating in 2017 and announced their relationship in 2018. Meanwhile Choi Tae Jun went on to serve in the army, came back and still kept his relationship with Park Shin Hye. Shin Hye was also pretty serious with the actor and singer Tae Jun. She never became so attached to someone in her previous relationships. She herself admitted that she is not romantic enough to continue a relationship. Amidst all that, she made it with Choi and looks like he is her true soulmate. Rumor of their marriage was running around the media already. But this news shocked everyone that Park Shin Hye was hiding her pregnancy! On November 23, 2021 the couple gave us the exciting news that they are expecting their first child together and to make this relationship official, they are getting married in January 2022.

2. Son Ye Jin:

It has been only 2 years since they announced their relationship. But rumors are there that the two were dating since 2018 when they first met for the movie Negotiation. Since 2020, the pair is in a continuous rumor to get married. This happened as they are living together, separated from the drama shooting for a long time since their international hit Crash Landing on You. They are really preparing for their marriage soon in 2022. But another news is also going around that Son Ye Jin is pregnant and hiding the fact! Her being away from the limelight is making speculation that she is pregnant. It is rumored that soon there will be an official announcement regarding her pregnancy!

3. Kim Tae Hee:

Beauty with a Brain Kim Tae Hee has been married to popular actor and singer Rain since 2017. They dated for a while and decided to get married. That time they were expecting their first child as well. Now that their daughter is almost four years old, the two welcomed their second child as well in 2020. The information was yet hidden from the audience at that time. She hid the fact and announced her pregnancy only after giving birth.

4.Lee Sun Bin:

Lee Sun Bin is known for starring in Squad 38, Missing 9 and Criminal Minds. She is a former member of South Korean girl group JQT. The actress has been dating Lee Kwang Soo officially since 2018. They are quite open about their sweet and cute love-story. Along with that, it is reported that the actress and singer is pregnant. They did not announce anything, nor did they announce their marriage yet. But their relationship height is indicating that it is the right time to take a high leap. There is a high chance that the rumor is true. The actress also gained weight which is a clear indication of her pregnancy.

5. Shin Min Ah:

Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin are now one of those everlasting couples who stayed together for the last six years. They met, dated, Kim Woo Bin got diagnosed with cancer, she stayed with him for the rough time and for obvious reason their relationship is stronger than ever. Now Kim Woo Bin is cured from the disease and running in for his movies and projects, Shin Min-ah also successfully finished off her recent project Hometown Cha Cha Cha. Now that it’s a perfect time to get married, rumors are flowing that Shin Min Ah is pregnant! Along with their marriage rumor, her pregnant rumor is also not confirmed yet. But her recent pictures are indicating she gained a little bit weight. This led to the news that she is pregnant with Kim Woo Bin’s baby.

6. Min Hyo Rin:

The Happy Loner star, Min Hyo-rin is a South Korean actress, model and singer. This actress and singer married another actress and singer Taeyang back in 2018. After three years of their lovely married life, both of them are expecting their first child now! It was not confirmed and they were hiding about it well until September, 2021. They announced this good news in the media officially and are expecting their first child with lots of excitement now.

7. Kim So Yeon:

Popular The Penthouse actress Kim So Yeon is known for her roles in dramas and movies like All About Eve, Iris, Prosecutor Princess, Happy Home etc. The actress got married to actor Lee Sang-woo in 2017, but has not announced any pregnancy news yet. But rumors are flowing around now that the actress is hiding her pregnancy! All her fans are actually waiting for the good news. And finally it is speculated that they are going to see a little Kim So Yeo or Lee Sang Woo soon!

8. Lee Na Young:

Romance is a Bonus Book actress Lee Na Young has always been private about her private life along with her husband. She married Won Bin in 2015 and welcomed their first child the same year. They hid the fact well that time until their marriage announcement. But now it is speculated that they are expecting another child. As they keep everything very private, they are not announcing the facts.

9. Sung Yuri:

The Snow Queen actress Sung Yuri got married to the pro Golfer Ahn Sung Hyun in 2017. After four years, it was rumored that they are expecting their first child. They hid it until July, 2021. But when they got to know they were expecting twins, they could not help but announce the great news in the media.

10. Hwang Jung Eum:

She Was Pretty actress is pretty famous for her dramas and movies in South Korea. This rom-com actress married Lee Young Don in 2016 who is a non-celebrity. Soon she welcomed her first child as well. But in 2020, she filed for divorce. The divorce was almost final but she called off the divorce giving it another shot. And soon after four months, she got pregnant with her second child! In July 2021, it was announced that she is pregnant. But it is speculated that she hid it until then and only thought to withdraw this divorce not to go through that when she is having another child on the way. Hope they will really figure it out and stay happily ever after.

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