Kara Sevda (Blind Love) Then and Now

Kara Sevda (Blind Love) Then and Now

Kara Sevda or Blind Love, Endless Love, Dark Love etc. is a Turkish romance drama.  It was sold in 110 countries and won an International Emmy Award. It ran from 2015 to 2017. Its popularity says 74 episodes were too few for such a drama series. Story develops around 2 people from opposite backgrounds, who love each other unconditionally. Yet one had to sacrifice love to save one’s own family. After five years of apartness, the question rises should they leave everything behind and be happy together or just accept the misfortune. Let’s check how the drama’s cast were in the past and now. 

1.Kursat Alniacik as Önder Sezin 

Kursat Alniacik was born in 1962 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Yalniz Kurt (2022), Sıcak saatler (1998) and Blind Love (2015).

Kursat Alniacik was then 54 and now 60 years old.

Kursat Alniacik married  Gerçek Sağlar in 2013 after divorcing Banu Alnıaçık in 2012.

2.Çağla Demir as Banu Akmeric Soydere

Çağla Demir  is a famous and well-known Turkish actress and model. Actress Cagla Demir is known for her roles for playing Elif Ates in the 2018 series Kocaman Ailem (2018) and for starring as Banu Akmeric in the 2016 series Blind Love (2015). She has completed her graduation from Baskent University in the Faculty of Communication. She started her acting career in 2013.

Çağla Demir was then 24 and now 30 years.

Çağla Demir is single.

3.Gökay Müftüoğlu as Salih

 Theater, film and TV series actor Gökay Müftüoğlu graduated in Fine Arts and started his theater acting in Bornova Municipality City Theatre. 

Gökay Müftüoğlu was then 30 and now 36 years.

Gökay Müftüoğlu is single.

4.Hazal Filiz Kucukkose as Zeynep Soydere Sezin

Hazal Filiz Kucukkose is a young, provocative Turkish actress and model. She studied Biology and literature. Currently studying in Chemistry. She became an actress after a director selected her from social media.

Hazal Filiz Kucukkose was then 28 and now 34 years.

Hazal Filiz Kucukkose married  Tuan Tunalı in 2014 and divorced in 2018

5.Baris Alpaykut as Ozan Sezin

Baris Alpaykut

Baris Alpaykut was then 23 and now 29 years.

Baris Alpaykut

6.Baris Alpaykut Pamuk as Asu Alacahan Kozcuoglu

Baris Alpaykut Pamuk was born on July 20, 1987 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Endless Love (2015), Medcezir (2013) and Sakarya-Firat (2009).

Baris Alpaykut Pamuk was then 28 and now 34 years.

Baris Alpaykut Pamuk is single. 

7.Zerrin Tekindor as Leyla Acemzade Kandarli

Zerrin Tekindor  is a Turkish actress and painter. She graduated in Theater and was in charge of the state theater. Besides her career in theater she studied painting. 

Zerrin Tekindor was then 51 and now 57 years.

Zerrin Tekindor married actor Çetin Tekindor in 1988 and divorced in 2000

8.Kaan Urgancıoğlu as Emir Kozcuoglu

Kaan Urgancıoğlu was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1981. His father is Turkish. His mother is a Turkish citizen of Albanian and Arab descent. He studied acting in New York 

Kaan Urgancıoğlu was then 34 and now 40 years.

Kaan Urgancıoğlu is in relationship with songwriter Çağrı Dayı.

9.Neslihan Atagul as Nihan Sezin Soydere

Turkish actress Neslihan Atagul is noteworthy for her leading roles in the series Kara Sevda (2015-2017), Fatih Harbiye (2013–2014) and in the films Araf and Senden Bana Kalan. She has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Academy Award for “Best Actress” at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Neslihan Atagul was then 23 and now 29 years. 

Neslihan Atagul married Kadir Doglulu in 2016

10.Burak Ozcivit as Kemal Soydere

Burak Ozcivit was born in Istanbul on December 24, 1984. He graduated from Marmara University in the Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2003, he was elected the Top Model of Turkey and he began his career as a model.

Burak Ozcivit was then 31 and now 37 years.

Burak Ozcivit married Fahriye Evcen in 2017

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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