D.O. kyungsoo dating 2022

D.O. kyungsoo Dating 2022

D.O. kyungsoo- stage name D.O. is a member of Korean boygroup EXO. There he is one of the main vocal and recently released his first solo album Empathy .Besides he is an well known actor starring in several k-dramas and movies. He has co-written several songs from Exo discography as well as from his very own album. Currently he’s been working on a korean adoption of a Taiwanese movie “Secret” and signed featuring contracts for movies and dramas. This Capricorn oppa has attracted so many with his calm thoughtful attitude and sparkling brown eyes. Exo’s other member Chen who is married and has kids. Another member Kai has been in relationship with Blackpink’s Jenny. So, it’s not unusual if we find another SM Entertainment member, D.O in relationship? Let’s take a look at his rumored and confirmed relationship list. If you catch anything special do let us know in comment section.

1.First love

D.O has admitted that in his 3rd year of high school he dated a girl. He was possessive back then with her. It still makes him ashamed. Detective fans discovered that the girl was Choi In Ga. He dated her for around 133 days. Very bright inspection. Right? Another fandom claimed the girl was Woollim Entertainment trainee Seo Hye Jin. Who sent him good luck message before his debut.

2.Nam Ji Hyun

D.O and Nam Ji Hyun paired up in 2018 drama 100 Days My Prince. The story of a crown prince and destined wife was so popular that it earned D.O Baeksang popular actor award. Thi pair did cameo in Dear My Room. There they appeared as husband wife. Their shyness, complimentary gesture everything is so perfect that fans want them to a reel to real couple.

3.Lee Hongki

Ironically Kyungsoo has rumor with F.T.Island’s band member Lee Hongki. In musical career Lee is senior to D.O but in military D.O is senior to Hongki. They both enlisted in 2019. Rumor surfaced after their affectionate pictures leaked out. Even after discharge they remained as much close as they were in military. Music brought them so much together that Lee calls D.O his girlfriend. Besides everybody noticed their flirtatious gesture. More than bromance right?

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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