10 Hottest Chinese Dramas to Watch in June 2021

10 Hottest Chinese Dramas to Watch in June 2021

This Year there has been a lot of Chinese dramas that blew your mind. I guess you are missing dramas like Go Go Squid, Dr. Appledog’s Time, The Little Nyonya and many more dramas that have been already ended. But don’t be sad, cause many more dramas are coming this June to fill up the void of your drama hunger. Here is a list of 10 hottest Chinese dramas for all the drama lovers who can enjoy watching them this June 2021.


From May to June, you are going to enjoy a fantasy drama Moonlight. The 36 episodes drama is adapted from Qing Chu’s novel “Chu Li is Here” and tells the story of editor Chu Li and author Zhou Chuan who grow up together and fall in love! Newly promoted god Zhou Chuan has always declared that editing for the Internet era is dead, but unexpectedly, he encounters a new soul catcher – editor Chu Li of Yuan Yue Society. This little girl not only stuns Zhou Chuan, but he also unexpectedly discovers that she was the online netizen “Monkey Monarch” who has supported him for many years. Excited?

2.Time Flies and You are Here:

Joseph Zeng and Liang Jie, their destinies were tied together due to a contract marriage. She is an ordinary girl who believes that woman have a right to an education too. He is a prince who needs to live up to his reputation of being lazy and unskilled. How the catch up and melt for each other is going to be an interesting story to hook audience. The ongoing drama will air till June to let you enjoy this summer!

3.Love Crossed:

From May to June Love Crossed is going to set your journey towards the world of glamour and the life behind that glamour on TV. He Luo, Zhang Ling He and Dai Lu Wa is telling a story of a collection of romantic encounters among two heroines and four “digital” idols. The drama is about returning to truth, cherishing life and attaining a beautiful love. He Luo Luo as Lu Xiao is heat as spring within the digital world but sensitive and lonely in real life. On the other hand Dai Lu Wa as Jiang Kele may additionally lead a tough life, but she nevertheless dreams of meeting the precise prince. How they encounter each other in this crossed love paths, we need to witness it by watching Love Crossed!

4.Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling:

Were you missing the Dating in The Kitchen actress Zhao Lu Si? Well, your wait is over, because she has come with her new series, Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling. This story is about a spunky young woman who is doing her best to make her dreams come true. Zhao Lu Si as Gu An Xin never expected her life to be anything other than ordinary. Working as a deliverywoman, she spent her days around the city, completely unaware that her life was about to take an unusual turn. But one the day she ran into a man by the name of Ling Yue, the heir of a major corporation played by Liu Te. How her life turns over after that is a story, we gotta watch this May and June!

5.Qing Luo:

The story tells about a woman Yi Qing Luo played by Wang Zi Wei who gets abandoned by her husband while she was pregnant. She moved on with her life and her son. Years later, she finally sets herself in the journey of searching for her husband for her son. On the way she meets Ye Xiu Du played by Liu Xue Yi who looks exactly like her husband. How she manages to cope up with the situation, how her relationship will build up around this new man, with hatred or newly found love, that is the story for us to explore from this May to June.

6.Young and Beautiful:

Liu Wenjing, a 19-year-old girl from a small village, came to Shanghai alone and struggled to make it in the city. Throughout the ten years, she made many friends, and her life gradually changed. However, along the way, she also lost herself and gave in to the materialism of the city. She eventually returns to the right path with the help of her friends. The portrays Zhang Tian Ai as Liu Wenjing, Xu Kai Cheng as Xing Tianming, Gao Zhi Ting as Yan Liangkun and many more talented actors in one frame.

7.Fourish in Time:

This drama is releasing in May to June as well to fill up your summer days. It is a story of a two-way crush between the bright and bubbly Lu Miao and the cold arrogant school genius Jiang Haoyue. They grow up together and evolve from ‘fake brother and sister’ to lovers. This is the adaptation of e-novel “Who Can Keep the Moon Private By Love” by Fan Da Wang. Popular actress Ancy Deng and actor Zhang Ling He will act as Lu Miao and Jiang Hao Yue in this School-romance drama.

8.Maid Escort:

Or we can call the drama I Can’t Afford A Maid! The drama is a historical, comedy and romance drama where you can get to to see some investigations as well! Jade Cheng as in Yue Zi Yuan, Wang Run Ze as Yang Xiao and many more actors all gathered to give you a pleasant May and hot June with their interesting story. The plot of the drama starts with Yue Zi Yuan trying to help her young miss to marry Yang Xiao. But to help him in investigating things, she falls in love with him as well. How she conquers his love and solve mysteries, we call see them all in this May-June drama.

9.Please Be Married:

What will happen if you come to know that you married your grumpy boss in future and your son is telling you this news coming from that very near future? This is the story of Ye Xiang Ge played by Cao Lu who literally hates her boss Su Mu Chen played by Hu Jia Hao. How the little kid brings his future mommy daddy together we can witness this story from this May to whole June!

10.Miss the Dragon:

Another historical fantasy romance drama you can enjoy this summer. Liu Ying is Xia Hou Xue’s maidservant who accidentally encounters a snake. Liu Ying saves it without realizing that the snake is a thousand-year-old dragon called Yuchi Longyan. To repay her debt, Yuchi Longyan promises Liu Ying to marry but it results in a misunderstanding. The heartthrob Dylan Wang as in Yuchi Longyan, Bambi Zhu as in Liu Ying, Deng Wi as in Xie Qian Xun and many more talented faces you would be able to witness this May to June with a lifelong story of eagerness and love. 

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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