10 Hottest Chinese Dramas to Watch in July 2021

10 Hottest Chinese Dramas to Watch in July 2022

Many Chinese dramas have filled your last month of June. There are many more interesting dramas coming in July. Let’s take a look at this month’s anticipated dramas which will lift-up our whole month!

1.Crossroad Bistro: 

This upcoming Chinese drama may come in July or soon in this year. The drama is about five women who opened up a restaurant named ‘Bei Zhe Nan Yuan’ in Beijing. While starting the business, they go through many incidents and life events which make them mature and teach them about love.

2.Make a Wish: 

This fantasy romance is about a cat girl and a ‘Buddhist Youth’. Yu Chi Yan, a typical ‘Buddhist youth’ who simply goes with the flow saves a white cat by chance, who turns out to be a cat spirit from Meow Planet located in a parallel world. Taking on a human form, Xiao Xiu must repay Yu Chi Yan’s kindness before returning to her own planet. This way their sweet love –story begins.

3.First Love Again:  

Based on the novel ‘Time Machine’ this drama tells a story about time machine fantasy and parallel universe flex. A boy from the present encounters a bright student back in 2006 through a parallel universe and time travel. Thus this interesting story begins.

4.A love Never Lost:  

This drama is about a bunch of youth’s patriotism and personal experiences. On the plot of Chinese Republic era in Qin Dynasty, the story follows aspiring Chinese youths struggling for their nation during turbulent times. 

5.Bai Ling Tan:  

Another anticipated fantasy drama which may air soon in July 2021. It tells the story of a demon king and a princess. They go through memories of the past in a collection of books. With a mission to complete, they experience the love and sadness of various spirits and monsters.

6.Tears in Heaven:  

Du Xiao Su is a willful entertainment reporter who impersonates a nurse and sneaks into a hospital ward to snap a high rising star’s photo after a car accident. She bumps into Shao Zhen Rong, a suave doctor on duty and that begins their bitter sweet love relationship.

7.Never Say Goodbye:  

This drama tells about a tragedy that starts the story. In a tragic incident, a police officer loses his fiancé and friends due to faulty intelligence. After years, when the officer resigned and stayed undercover, he had to help another police officer in another mission. 

8.Falling Into Your Smile:  

This story is about an e-sport team which is very famous in the country which is second to none. Wherever their team goes, their female fan followers follow them. But one of their players suffers from a hand injury which becomes a sign of change in their situation.

9.Reset in July:  

The protagonist Jing Zhi Hui cannot get enrolled in her desired class in school. She gets stuck with a bunch of students who are not bright. At first she feels miserable. But soon she feels a connection with her classmates, makes friendship and they all find potential in each other. 

10.New Generation: Because Have Home:  

This short drama will tell us about a college student and a village official Huang Si Qi and a popular Internet celebrity Zhuang Xiao Dong lead villagers to use e-commerce to gain profits and revitalize their hometown.

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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