Vincenzo Cassano Got his real love after all

Vincenzo Cassano Got his real love after all?

Have you finished off the drama Vincenzo? Are you also missing the entire Vincenzo cast and our lover-boy Song Joong Ki’s Italian fashion? It is no surprise that this actor whenever he grabs a project makes us love him even more with his flawless acting and versatile roles. From Werewolf boy to Descendants of the Sun and now Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki has all the hot drama list of any site. But his love-life is also the hot topic among netizens along with his dramas, no? He was always secretive with his girlfriends. He himself admitted that he likes to date no-celeb girls more. But how can you control your heart when you are with such beautiful and talented actresses on set! Thus, he has many rumors to be in a relationship with his co-stars till now. His rumors have been with the actresses like Park Bo Young, Park Min Young, Moon Chae Won and his ex-wife, Song Hye Kyo. He only once admitted a relationship with famous actress Song Hye Kyo which was directly the announcement of their marriage. When their marriage could not end well, his fans became sad for this actor. But maybe his love of life he finally found after acting in his latest drama Vincenzo! Because his dating rumors with Jeon Yeo Bin are circulating all over the media for some reason! More interesting fact is, nobody is even surprised! Is it because insiders know something about them?

Vincenzo actress Jeon Yeo Bin is a rare gem in the South Korean Industry who has many underrated dramas and movies like Be Melodramatic, The Running Actress, After My Death, Night in Paradise and so on. Names say themselves that these are all aesthetic projects which she chooses to do instead of general commercial ones. So, when fans saw her doing a commercial drama with Song Joong Ki, they naturally got excited to see a new side of her. And she did not disappoint her fans at all with her comedic action character in the drama. But the most attractive part of the drama was the two lead’s chemistry which was never seen before. 

Their on-screen chemistry became a huge hit internationally and gained them much popularity with their drama. When the media asked Song Joong Ki his favorite character in Vincenzo, he said it’s undoubtedly Hong Cha Young played by Jeon Yeo Bin. He added that he became highly attached to his on-screen lover’s character! He thinks Jeon Yeo Bin is undeniably charming and talented at the same time. Seems like, their off-screen friendship is not friendship anymore. One of their behind the scene moments went viral which fueled this rumor even more. In one episode, they had to wear Korean traditional Hanbok dress. When Jeon Yeo Bin wore a Hanbok dress, Song Joong Ki could not take his eyes off her classy charm! He proposed to her to work in a historian drama at least once as it would suit her a lot. Was it an indirect invitation for her to work with him again? It is very visible, and he stated too that he loved her character and is going to miss her the most, Things are not as simple as that. All the signs proving that these two are definitely not only co-stars. 

When all these rumors are being spread by their fans, these two actors are maybe enjoying the rumors as it is very likely to be true! Nobody said anything to deny these rumors, even nobody is being surprised by the news. Is it because insiders already saw such things between them? Their on-screen love was more charming than other love-stories played by them. As they were so comfortable with each other in those scenes, it cannot be only their professionalism, right? They both are still in touch after their drama ended. In all the shows, events, and ceremonies they are together spreading their love rumors more. So maybe it is safe to say that our Vincenzo Cassano may have found his true love of life after all!

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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