Top 5 Chinese Drama Couples To Get Married in 2022

Top 5 Chinese Drama Couples To Get Married in 2022 

1. Luhan and Guan Xiaotong

Former EXO band member has been dating Guan Xiaotong publicly since 2017. They had started forming special bond after collaborating in TV show Sweet Combat. Their family has agreed to their choice.  Now it’s just a matter of announcement. In 2022 we are going to see this pair knotted that’s for sure. 

2. Yang Yang & Dilaraba Dilmurat

Nobody would question that this two are divine combination. They have been in people’s mind after their recent drama You Are My Glory. Having one year age gap seems working preety much well for them. Yang Yang’s protective nature around Dilraba didn’t go unnoticed. They looks like prince and princes from a fairytale book. Nowadays they have been spending times together, having takeouts etc. Citizen waiting for this ship to sail publicly. It is reported soo they are going to announce their relation perhaps surprise us with wedding news. 

3. Dylan Wang & Shen Yue

Meteor Garden star Dylan Wang and Shen Yue has earned lots of love for both their reel and real characters. They have been secretly involved in romantic relation since 2018. Due to privacy and agency policy celebrities prefer to keep their personal life secret. Yet the report says a big announcement from the DylanShen couple is coming in this very year. 

4. Xiao Zhan & Li Qin

Xiao Zhan & Li Qin have three dramas together.  After that they started supporting each other’s career. Their date nights, hangouts etc became an open secret. Though they denied rumors but isn’t denying rumor a trend? We have seen many celebs denying and later announcing marriage. Hopefully this adorable couple is going to melt people’s heart with grand marriage announcement this year. 

5. Yang Zi & Li Xian

Yang Zi & Li Xian used to be college friends. After working in more than five project they started growing feelings for each other. After Go Go Squid Season 2 they have been ruling on people’s heart. Recently they have been hinting fans  about their relation through social media. It has been reported that soon in 2022 they are going to announce their engagement.

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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