Top 5 Chinese Couple to be parents in 2022

Top 5 Chinese Couple to be parents in 2022

1.Liu Shishi ang Nicky Wu

34 years old Chinese actress Liu ShiShi first encountered 51 years old Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu in drama Scary Step by Step. After dating for a while they ties their knot in 2015. They welcomes their first son Bubu in 2019. Very recently in 2022 they have been seen visiting hospital. It is rumoured that Liu and Nicky expecting second child and Liu is five months pregnant.

2.Shen Yue and Dylan Wang

Shen and Dylan have been talk of the town since their drama Meteor Garden which is a remake of legendary K-drama Boys Over Flowers. 3 years have passed yet the spark between them didn’t die. They haven’t spoke publicly about it but their affection in public is undeniable. Theu have been under roof for so long. Shen being pregnant is not a surprise right? We have seen many celebs going public after baby birth. Let’s see what Shen and Dylan does!

3.Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao

They met on the set of Caught in the Web back in 2012. After dating for 2 years Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan marriages Taiwanese actor Mark Chao. Their cuteness can be seen through Mark’s statement. He says he does not mind being called Mr. Gao Yuanyuan. This adorable couple welcomes their first daughter in June 2019. One year after in July 2020 they gives birth to another baby boy. Now they are expecting their 3rd child. They seem like focusing on expanding their family.

4.Guan Xiaotong and Luhan

Exo’s former band member Luhan and Guan Xiaotong has been open about their relationship. Through weibo post Luhan announced his relation with Guan in October 2017. They encountered for first time in drama Sweet combat. As C-entertainment was yearning for Guan and Luhan’s marriage they sparked another rumor which made fans heart melt they are expecting a baby. Undoubtedly this 2022 is going to be their best romantic year.

5.Yang Zi and Li Xian

Remember Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan from 2019’s Go Go Squid? After that drama Yang Xi and Li Xian did cameos and many other shows together. Li Xian never hesitated about asking Yang Zi to take care of her health. It is said they have been living together in recent times. Surprisingly Yang Zi is pregnant with Li Xian too. Let’s see if this fairytale like couple introduces baby angel to us soon or not.

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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