Top 15 Historical Fantasy Chinese Drama List

Top 15 Historical Fantasy Chinese Drama List

Fantasy dramas in China are one of the best dramas in the world because of its great casts, brilliant screenplay and various plots. The dress-up, designs of their still alive ancient culture, their mythical stories and their martial art skills play big roles to make their fantasy dramas one of a kind. Here are 15 fantasy Chinese dramas which are a must watch if you are a fantasy Asian drama lover…

1.The Eternal Love:

When we talk about fantasy dramas, The Eternal Love and its three seasons are the first that come in our mind. Despite of being a low budgeted drama, it paved its way to fans hearts and renewed three successful seasons of it. From 2017 to 2021, this drama has entertained it’s fans with its plots.

2.The Untamed:

Lan Zhan and Wei Wuxian may have turned general fans into a huge ‘boy love’ fan despite having no intimacy scene between them in the drama. This bromance or love between them also became famous because of the amazing plot with full of Xianxia materials in it. Thus it is one of the best fantasy dramas now in this list.

3.Legend of Fu Yao:

Fu Yao is one of the most cherished historical characters in China. The drama about this legendary character is also a hit fantasy drama for this reason. The story revolves around Fu Hao and her unfortunate fate she tries to retrieve. In the journey, she falls in lve with the crown prince and starts solving political issues together with him.

4.Scarlet Heart:

Before its Korean version as Moon Lovers, Scralet Heart Ryeo was first made in China which became a huge hit among drama lovers. In the story, the lead actress meets with a car accident and finds herself in the body of her previous reincarnation long years back. She starts living in Qing Dynasty and unfortunately gets involved within palace politics and falls in love with the future king.

5.My Amazing Boyfriend:

This 2016 drama has a very interesting plot which combines ancient history with modern days. A mutant boy, who was asleep for centuries, is awakened by the unlucky actress by a car accident. He then forces his way into living at her house despite his mysterious past. She tries to get rid of this monster, but by fate, they both fall in love. 

6.Nirvana In Fire:

Like its name, the drama was really was on fire during its 54 episodes which aired back in 2015. The story starts with the lead character Lin Shu who gets caught during a battlefield and barely escapes the field loosing many things of his country. After years, he comes back forming his alliance and restarts wat was left of by his father.

7.Bloody Romance:

Bloody Romance is one of the best fantasy dramas in China till now which was loved by fans. A young woman go through hellish experiences always finds a mysterious man as a shadow who protects her in every situation. The two become embroiled in greater conspiracy involving a deadly struggle for power.

8.Ashes of Love:

Another romantic fantasy drama which made fans falls in love with the lead couple and its plot in 2018. In the story, the daughter of the Flower Goddess gets imprisoned for 10,000 years about which she had no idea from the beginning. After 4000 years, Heavenly Emperor’s son also gets imprisoned and falls in love with her.

9.Ice Fantasy:

It’s about a long standing war between two tribes which takes place long back in a mythological era. Ice and Fire tribe will get into the war where love, war, deception, everything mix up to entertain the viewers.

10.Sword of Legends:

The 2014 drama Swords of Legends is a 2014 Chinese television series based on the role-playing video game Gu Jian Qi Tan developed by Shanghai Aurogon! It’s a story about a Sword of Burning Solitude. Li Yifeng, Yang Mi, Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu and many more collaborated in this popular fantasy Chinese drama.


The 2018 drama Guardian is not like general fantasy dramas either. The story is about a world beyond scientific understanding with a group of passionate adults trying to solve cases done by such forces. Guardian is based on the novel Zhen Hun written by Priest. 

12.Chinese Paladin:

The history of this Wuxia drama started 16 years ago in 2005! The popular actor Hu Ge and Internationally famous actress Liu Yifei starred in its first season. After the tremendous success of it, this drama had its 5th season in 2016 starring Elvis Han, Joe Cheng and beautiful actress Gulnazar.

13.The King’s Woman:

Dilraba Dilmurat maybe has never done any unsuccessful project. But her character in each historical fantasy drama suited her the most, as if she was reincarnated in modern era only, but she belongs to ancient days in China. In The King’s Woman, During the Warring States Era, the most beautiful woman in the land captures the hearts of two very powerful men.

14.Legend of Fei:

Zhao Liying did her comeback drama after having her baby with this very drama Legend of Fei in 2020-2021. The beauty of Zanlia and our Untamed star Wang Yibo was too gorgeous to bear for the fans! In the drama, fantasy meets adventure with the two leading character Fei and Xie. 

15.Cinderella Chef:

It’s rather a coming-of-age fantasy drama which will enlighten you with its comedy, romance plot with a lot of food! The actress Zhong Dan Ni plays the role of a modern time girl who unfortunately travels back in time. There she has to be in a fake marriage with a former young master. Soon with her modern techniques and recipes, she wins his fake husband’s heart!

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