To 15 Highest Rating Korean Dramas in Cable TV of All Time

To 15 Highest Rating Korean Dramas in Cable TV of All Time

South Korea is the drama hub in the world for a long time now. With the perfect storyline, heart-warming music, beautiful actors and great acting skills are some of the reasons why viewers cannot get enough of the K-dramas! But some dramas are so extra-ordinary, that people from all aspects sit in front of their TV and do not miss any episode of some dramas. Those are some highest rated K-dramas we are talking about. Let’s check out top 15 K-dramas which got the highest rates in the television history.

1.Encounter- Rating: 18.8%

Bogummy effect in any series is surely magical for the drama. Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum was a great fit for the drama where they showed a great elder women-younger man love chemistry. The beauty of their fresh love-story placed them drama in the top 15 highest rated dramas of all time.

2.The Uncanny Counter- Rating: 18.9%

The most recent drama in the list is The Uncanny Counter. The fantasy-action drama is another adaptation of a webtoon. To fight with evil spirits, a team of demon hunters hide themselves in a noodle restaurant. This high rated K-drama has confirmed their second season as well!

3.The Crowned Clown- Rating: 19.3%

This drama was a high budget one with the brilliant acting skills of the casts. A clown who is a lookalike of their country’s king, takes king’s place and runs the country better than him. The story is surely a must watch for K-drama fans.

4.Hotel Del Luna- Rating: 20.9%

IU and Ye Jin Goo couple is undeniably a killer combination of couple which attracts ratings, views and love from the fans. You will have a combination of emotions, comedy, horror and fantasy vibe in it.

5.Signal- Rating: 21.4%

It could be an underrated drama, but the plot was fortunately well received by the viewers. A radio signal, coming from past, comes to a present detective who will solve the case together. After watching the drama, you will definitely understand why this drama is lit.

6.100 Days My Prince- Rating: 23.4%

DO from one of the internationally famous band EXO has done very few dramas and movies. But each of them has been a big hit in the industry. With Suspicious Partner actress Nam Ji Hyun, his chemistry was loved by everyone in this comedy-historical drama.

7.Hospital Playlist- Rating: 25.1%

The drama is running it’s second season in 2021. Hospital Playlist is not about hospital but their love of music. A bunch of doctors who are friends for a long time are struggling with life but enjoying every moment of it as they are there for each other. 

8.Itaewon Class- Rating: 28.4%

The same old revenge game with a whole new plot and fresh storyline from the famous manga of the same name. Park Seo Jun, Kim Dami and Kwon Nara nailed their character. Kim Dami also blew everyone’s mind with her strong character which was new to their viewers. 

9.Mr. Queen- Rating: 30.0%

This drama is the second most recent drama in this list, yet its reigning with 7th highest ratings of all time! A young man goes in Joeson Era and becomes queen with queen’s body. Fans laughed and cherished Shin Hye Sun’s acting skill in the drama.

10.Mr. Sunshine- Rating: 31.08%

One of the high budgeted dramas to one of the highest rated dramas, Mr. Sunshine mesmerized fans with many things. With a historical plot and a strong female character which is new in K-drama, this drama grabbed 31.08% rating till now.

11.Reply 1988- Rating: 31.12% 

Emotion is undoubtedly the best game that Korean directors play in each drama. Another example of that is Reply 1988. This drama made everyone nostalgic, entertained them and made them cry as well. That’s why it is the 5th highest rated drama in the list.

12.Goblin- Rating: 31.5%

Goblin is one of the best fantasy dramas of all time which is cherished by drama lovers internationally. The drama Goblin’s demand is just rising day by day with new fans who just came to know about the world of K-drama. It has become a must watch for them. 

13.Crash Landing on You- Rating: 34.1%

Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin reel to real life couple met with this very drama Crash Landing on You. Drama lovers from all corners of the world have watched this drama at least once. No wonder it got 3rd place of all time highest rated drama list!

14.Sky Castle- Rating: 36.3%

The year of 2018 to 2019 was a blessed year for the viewers of K-drama with the release of Sky Castle. There are many dramas which covers politics, school romance or emotions. Sky Castle combined them altogether and blessed viewers eyes getting 36.3% ratings of views.

15.The World of the Married- Rating: 47.20%

The highest rated K-drama of all time is The World of the Married. It has been one year since the drama ended. But nothing may beat this drama’s rating level for a long time maybe. Before this drama, Sky Castle was the highest rated drama with 36% ratings and all the dramas in the list had slight differences between their ratings. But surprisingly this drama broke all the record of the past and went very higher than it’s nearby one with a 47.20% rating till 2021!

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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