Song Hye Kyo List of Rumored and Confirmed Boyfriends 2021

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Song Hye Kyo List of Rumored and Confirmed Boyfriends 2022

Beautiful actress Song Hye Kyo is South Korea’s one of the most talented actresses today. She has reigned enormous popularity in the industry with her successful dramas and movies. The actress is also a big endorser of advertising, grabbing a huge amount of money each year through it. Song Hye Kyo is every man’s dream girl out there. Among them there are some celebrities as well who fell in love with this evergreen beauty. Let’s find out Song Hye Kyo’s list of rumored and confirmed boyfriends till now…

Hyun Bin:

This couple officially dated each other in 2008. Hyun and Song Hye Kyo met on the set of the drama Worlds Within. They dated for a long time, approximately for two years at that time. But due to busy schedules, they had to break up. In 2019, their dating rumors again emerged when Hye Kyo just got divorced and Hyun Bin was denying his dating rumors with Son Ye Ji. But soon this rumor vanished with the announcement of Hyun Bin and Ye Jin’s relationship announcement.

Song Joong Ki:

This Descendants of the Sun couple had won hearts of every drama lover out there since their army romance drama. But after the drama, their dating rumors also started emerging from paparazzi’s and netizens. Then they surprised everyone by their dating plus wedding announcement in 2017. Given her beauty, nobody can resist for sure. So did Song Joong Ki. When he saw he managed to win her over, he wasted no time in marrying this actress. Sadly, they broke up very soon in 2019. But they are still the talk of the town about their unfinished relationship.

Lee Byung Hun:

Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo’s pair was more attractive than any other relationships of Song Hye Kyo. In the drama All In in 2003, Byung Hun and Hye Kyo met for the first time. Soon they fell for each other and very soon, they announced their relationship in public. The pair was so in love with each other for the time being. Both showed off how much they care for each other in front of the media. Fans loved their pair as well and thought they would last for a long time. But unfortunately for some reason, they broke up after almost two years of their relationship.


While shooting for the all-time hit drama Full House in 2004, famous K-pop singer and actor shared screen with Song Hye Kyo. Their pair grabbed the attention of many viewers. At that time Song Hye Kyo just broke up with her former lover Lee Byung Hun. Naturally, netizens believed their breakup has something to do with Song Hye Kyo and Rain’s new relationship. But the rumors were not confirmed by any of them.

Jo In Sung:

Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo met on the set of the famous drama That Winter the Wind Blows. It is rumored that back in 2013, Hye Kyo broke up with Hyun Bin because of Jo In Sung. This pair was loved by their fans a lot. Rumors started because of Jo In Sung’s continuous statements about his co-star Hye Kyo. In every single interview of the drama, he kept mentioning Song Hye Kyo about her acting and talent, also how he felt different acting beside her. His statements made netizens believe that something definitely is going on between them. But Jo In Sung denied these speculations.

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