Nevertheless Episode 4 Preview and Predictions

Nevertheless Episode 4 Preview and Predictions

Han So Hee and Song Kang’s ongoing drama Nevertheless has won many hearts of their fans till now. It has just aired three episodes till 6th July and already many things are unfolding about its plot from the beginning. 

The Netflix drama Nevertheless is set to have only 10 episodes in its first season. Viewers don’t know yet if this drama will unfold every of its plot within one season or it will have a second one. But as the knots are unfolding, we are not very assured that the story will end within 10 episodes! Like Netflix and Song Kang’s previous drama Love Alarm, this drama may also have its second or even third season! The drama has caught much attention from the viewers which is opening the gate of this possibility. 

The story started with Yu Na-bi being cheated on by her professor boyfriend. After that she loses her faith from true love with anyone else. Now she decides to fool around with other boys. But given her innocence, she cannot just fool around with anyone without falling for them. Here comes a junior of Na-bi, Park Jae-eon. He is a handsome and smooth talker with whom anyone would definitely fall in love. At first it looked like Jae-eon was very interested in Na-bi. With his charm, Na-bi soon fell for him which is dangerous to her due to her past experience. She cannot trust his current guy entirely. Till episode three, Na-bi witnessed Jae-eon with two-three girls with whom it seemed like he was flirting. Each time he denied it and made some excuses. This time Na-bi is asked out by one of his juniors who is not a smooth talker but rather an innocent guy who likes Na-bi a lot. To forget all the intimate things with Jae-eon she responded to this junior’s date and went to watch a movie with him. She spends good time with him which makes Jae-eon very jealous. He also has another girl beside him who seemed like his girlfriend. But later it may turn out that she is one of his old friends or ex-girlfriend who knows him well. By the end of the episode they put aside their misunderstandings and again get close to each other.

In the next episode, we will see them getting along with each other. It seems Na-bi will finally start trusting him. If not, she may go for Jae-won anyways as true love did not always help her. If she wants to try something new and come out of her comfort zone, she needs to trust her guts and go for the guy she likes. On the other hand, Jae-won may unfold a bit about his hidden feelings which have been very intense and suspensive throughout the whole drama. Fans are eagerly waiting to see more of their chemistry in the drama. Another interesting side couple of Oh Bit-na and Yoon Sol is also unfolding their feelings for each other through jealousy. At first, fans thought Yoon Sol is the one who is interested in her long time best friend Bit-na. But episode three revealed that Bit-na is more jealous with Yoon Sol’s new friend who is interested in Yoon Sol. Right now both the main couple and Bit-na and Yoon Sol are showing much suspense about what may happen next. Soon Bit-na and Yoon Sol will find out about their true feelings. But to reveal what actually Jae-eon wants from Na-bi or if he really becomes serious about Na-bi or not is a big question for Nevertheless fans right now.

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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