Neo Hou List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2021

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Neo Hou List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2022

Hou Minghao, also known as Neo Hou, is a Chinese actor and singer. He is a former member of Chinese boy band Fresh Teenager Geek. He is best known for his roles in the film The Devotion of Suspect X; and in the dramas Cambrian Period, When We Were Young and The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note. At a very young age he made his path towards stardom with many of his lead roles in the dramas and movies. His charm and handsomeness have caught many girls’ hearts till now. The actor has had many rumors of dating his co-stars and other celebrities till now. Let’s know about this star’s dating list till now…

1.Wan Peng:

My Girlfriend is an Alien actress Wan Peng is a famous actress in China today. She rose to fame with very few dramas. Already she starred alongside some heartthrob celebrities like Taiwanese Thassapak Hsu and Chinese actors Lin Yanjun and Riley Wang. In her 2018 drama When We Were Young, she paired up with Neo Hou. Their sweet, cute love story won the hearts of their fans. But their chemistry was way too real on the screen. With their off-screen friendship on the promotional events and other places, fans surely thought that something real was going on between them. But one of them opened up about their real relationship later.

2.Yang Chaoyue:

Yang Chaoyue is a rising Chinese star in the music and drama industry of China. After finishing third in Tencent’s girl group survival show Produce 101, she debuted as a member of Rocket Girls 101. She was named by China Newsweek as one of the most influential Chinese people in 2018. She also appeared in another variety show ‘When We Write Love-story’ in 2020 alongside Neo Hou, Jasper Liu, Li Yitong, Qin Lan and many more. This is a drama, music and many more things combined where each time, stars form a team of two people. In the show, Neo Hou and Yang paired up as well. Their romantic and intimate scenes were so hot that fans already believed they are not just an on-screen couple. Throughout the whole show, viewers kept their eyes on this pair to know what was going on between them. But after the show, they did not cause any more rumors.

3.Guan Xiaotong:

Beautiful actress Guan Xiaotong paired up with the actor Neo Hou in the most recent drama A Girl Like Me. In this drama Guan Xiaotong’s character ‘Ban Hua’ believes that her dreams have been foretelling her all the dangers and she attempts to keep those people around her safe. In the meantime she meets Neo Hou as the love of her life. They formed a great chemistry with each other in the drama which attracted the viewers a lot. Thus fans wanted to see the same relation within them for real. They came pretty close in real life as well. But they did not date in real life later.

4.Zhou Yutong:

Along with Yang Cahoyue, Neo Hou got paired up with the idol drama combined variety show ‘When We Write Lovestory’. There Zhou Yutong also got screen time with Neo Hou. Given the handsomeness of the both actors, they looked undeniably a perfect couple. Along with Yang Chaoyue, he had rumors of dating Zhou Yutong as well for this very show. But he did not open up about this rumor as well.

5.Zhao Lusi:

Zhao Lusi has not starred with Neo Hou in any drama yet. But fans’ wait is over as the two are really shooting for their upcoming drama Hutong this year. Fans are already excited about their story. But they are interested in their off-screen relationship as well. The two are showing their beautiful pair in many still pictures and other videos. So there might be something going on between them which we can see later through their drama. Now we have to just wait and watch!

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