Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo in The Heirs-2! Who is better, Park Shin Hye or Song Hye Kyo?

Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo in The Heirs-2! Who is better, Park Shin Hye or Song Hye Kyo?

Is there any Korean drama fan now who does not know Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo? I am sure the number is zero. Even if you are a beginner just wait for these actors and actresses to snatch your heart very soon with their popular dramas. The kinds of dramas they have starred till now are those A-listed dramas of South Korea that if you have not watched it yet, you have missed a lot. 

Lee Min Ho is a popular actor of South Korea, who for his charm and acting skills has become one of the most popular actors in Asia. He has fans all over the world that are crazy for him. This heartthrob celebrity’s breakthrough was 2009 drama Boys Over Flowers where he played the Chaebol Son Gu Jun Pyo. This drama gave her huge popularity in the industry. Among his other hit dramas, Heirs was another one which gave him great deal of success. In Heirs Lee Min Ho co-starred with another popular actress Park Shin Hye. Viewers of this successful drama naturally are waiting for its season 2 and literally pleading for it like the fans of Moon Lovers do! So Heirs season 2 has always been a talk of the town among Heirs fans. But there was no hype about it until 2019 when unknown sources started the rumor that Heirs season 2 will be released in between 2020-22. Due to covid-19, this process has slowed down. We don’t know who will be appearing in season 2 yet, but the schedules of three celebrities have fallen into a cast triangle here. They are Lee Min Ho himself, Park Shin Hye as she was the lead actress in Heirs, and another elegant beauty of Korean industry, Song Hye Kyo. Why Song Hye kyo in between them? Let’s find that out now.

Lee Min Ho, in one of his past interviews revealed that his dream girl and ideal type is Song Hye Kyo. Well Song Hye Kyo is many boy’s and actor’s dream girl as she is very talented and beautiful at the same time. But when it’s Lee Min Ho who has worked with so many popular actresses in his career, reveals that he is yet to work with his ideal type, fans obviously would speculate this actor must have a crush on her. Lee Min Ho said, “If we work together, I think I could learn a lot from her. But I would probably be nervous a lot of times.” Can you imagine the bush on his face?

Song Hye Kyo, former wife of Song Jung Ki, is famous for her popular dramas like That Winter, The Wind Blows, Descendants of the Sun, Encounter and so on. She is announced to be in another drama very soon named We are Breaking Up which is scheduled to shoot by the last half of the year 2021. Then it is going to be hard for her to do Heirs 2. Other sources said Lee Min Ho is eagerly waiting for Song Hye Kyo to work with him and convince the directors to cast both of them together in a project. That is why, despite the fact that Song Hye Kyo has a busy schedule this year, the probability of them in this very upcoming project of Heirs 2 is not only a rumor anymore. 

Another reason why it’s not Park Shin Hye is this couple’s past. It is known to Park Shin hye and Lee Min Ho’s fans that this couple was very energetic on and off-screen. There is many rumors and evidence that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye dated back then, but due to Park Shin Hye’s busy schedule and for some unknown reasons the couple broke up within one year. Now that Park Shin Hye is happily in a long term relationship with actor Choi Tae Joon, would this couple be okay to act in the same drama’s sequel from where everything about their own love-story started? Park Shin Hye fans are not happy with the rumors that Song Hye Kyo may join Lee Min Ho in Heirs 2 instead of Park Shin Hye. But true fans may not want that, instead they can be excited to see a new couple on-screen. As Song and Lee both are single as well, who knows, something we may see off-screen too! What do you think?

What do you think?

Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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