Kwak Shi Yang List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2021

Kwak Shi Yang List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2022

Kwa Shi-yang is a South Korean actor who first debuted as an actor in the 2014 drama Glorious Day. His first major role was the 2014 film Night Flight. He got attention of the netizens in a short time and was seen in many hit dramas such as historical drama Mirror Of The Witch, fantasy romance Second To Last Love, Chicago Typewriter as well as thrillers like The Witness and Four Men. He gained popularity after starring in the famous 2015 drama Oh My Ghost. As well as being a great actor, he is also a sweetheart who owned many girls’ hearts. Let’s know about this actor’s dating life and more…

1.Lim Ji Yeon:

Gorgeous Lim Ji Yeon is an actress. She started her acting career in stage plays and short films and made her feature debut in 2014 with a leading role in the erotic thriller Obsessed. Lim Ji Yeon and Kwak Shi Yang were casted together in the rom-com drama Welcome 2 Life where they both had a good chemistry and portrayed their love life beautifully. On September 24, an industry official reported that Lim Ji Yeon and Kwak Si Yang are in a relationship. According to reports, both became close while filming Welcome 2 Life and recently started dating. But both of their agencies denied the rumor later saying it’s not true.

2.Kim So Yeon:

Kim So Yeon and Kwak Shi Yang are known as the “ Yang Yang Couple” as they appeared in a variety reality show “We Got Married”. Here two people stay married virtually. Kim So Yeon is an actress who did many works in the Korean drama industry such as Iris, Prosecutor Princess, Happy Home, and The Penthouse: War in Life. In this reality show Kwak was paired as a couple with Kim So Yeon, and the two of them had a lot of chemistry. They were spotted as the hot couple of the season and people adored and supported them. But the rumors started when they ended the season with an unexpected kiss! Their sweet interactions with each other made people believe that they were a real couple.

3.Shin Hye Sun:

Shin Hye Sun is a popular Korean actress who gathered
much attention of the viewers by her outstanding works in famous dramas like Still 17, The Hymn of Death, Angel’s Last Mission: Love and the recent blockbuster hit drama Mr. Queen. Shin Hye Sun and Kwak Shi Yang starred as supporting actors in the 2015 drama Oh My Ghost. The drama bought both the actors mainstream attention and fame. As they were seen together a few times even after the show ended, people assumed the actors were dating. Later their agency said that they are just good friends including the other cast members of the drama. 

4.Kim Hee Sun:

Kim Hee Sun is a famous actress who is popular for her leading roles in television series such as Men of the Bath House, Propose, Wedding Dress, Forever Yours, Mister Q, Sunflower, and Tomato. Kim Hee Sun and Kwak Shi Yang starred as a couple in the sci-fi melodrama Alice where they made a strong bond with each other. In an interview they said that they had a great time working together. Kwak Si Yang was impressed by senior Kim Hee Sun after receiving a Coffee or Tea Gift. They also complimented each other in their interviews that show they are in a good relationship. 

5.Lee Jae Joon:

It would come out as a bit surprising, but Lee Jae Joon and Kwak Shi Yang starred together as a couple in the LGBT drama Flight Night. There both the actors were praised for their versatility. Lee Jae Joon was nominated Best New Actor at the 2nd Wildflower Film Awards and made his name known as a rising star. Both the actors got a lot of attention and fame. The actors also made a strong bond and were seen in each other’s social media accounts.

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