Kim Seon Ho List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2021

Kim Seon Ho List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2022

Kim Seon Ho is a South Korean actor who began his career on stage and appeared in numerous plays before making his screen debut in 2017 with Good Manager. He rose to prominence with the 2020 television series Start-Up. His cute and charming personality attracts his female fans easily. But the actor has snatched many hearts of his co-stars and other celebrities in the industry. Let’s know about this actor’s rumored and confirmed girlfriend list till now…

1.Moon Ga Young:

True Beauty star is now a popular face in Asia and worldwide to all the K-drama fans. This webtoon turned drama raised her popularity even higher by the end of this series. But before starring here, she gained wide recognition in South Korea after appearing in the drama Welcome to Waikiki2. There she met with the actor Kim Seon Ho. They had a great chemistry in this popular comedy series. But they became even closer off-screen which caught the attention of the media. The couple had many moments together in real life. Even till date, their dating rumor is spreading around in the media. But both of them have been silent about this matter till now.

2.Moon Geun Young:

Nation’s Little Sister Moon Geun Young is a popular actress who started her journey as a child actress. Her cute little face was well-suited for her roles in dramas like Marry Me Mary!, My Little Bride, Painter of the Wind and so on. This actress teamed up with Kim Seon Ho in the 2019 drama Catch the Ghost. They had a great pair up in this crime detective drama. But they had a very good understanding while acting together. Both learnt a lot from each other and praised a lot about each other’s acting. It seemed like they had something more going on between them. But they became good friends while working.

3.Bae Suzy:

Popular actress Bae Suzy has dated some of the most popular actors in the industry till now. Her open relationship with Lee Min Ho and Lee Dong Wook is already famous in the media and among their fans. Recently her drama Star Up with another rising actor Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Seon Ho gained critical acclaim. Though she ended up with Nam Joo Hyuk in the drama, Kim Seo Ho’s unrequited love for Bae Suzy broke the hearts of many fans. Fans wanted them to be together at least in real life. As both of them are officially single, it is quite possible that they have something deep between them. 

4.Lee You-young:

Lee Yoo-young is a South Korean actress. She debuted in the film Late Spring for which she won Best Actress at the 14th Milan International Film Festival, making her the first Korean to receive the honor. Lee You-young starred in the 2018 drama You Drive Me Crazy where she had Kim Seon Ho as her male lead. Both were great on-screen which was loved by their fans a lot. The actors are of the same age and both had a great understanding with each other which makes them a perfect pair for their real life. But the actress has been in a relationship with Kim Joo Hyuk since 2016 which eliminates the rumor.

5.Shin Min Ah:

Kim Seon Ho is being exclusive with her drama Hometown Cha Cha which is one of the best dramas of his career. In this drama, he is starring along with the famous actress Shin Min Ah. Their sweet rom-com drama has snatched away many fans’ hearts till now. In this drama, both of their romantic gestures were quite adorable and real-like. Though Shin Min Ah is actually in a relationship, she has been good friends with Kim Seon Ho which instigated the rumor.

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