Hyun Bin Wedding Gifts From Kdrama Stars

Hyun Bin Wedding Gifts From Kdrama Stars

The wedding of the century is knocking on the door. This 31st March, 2022 people are going to witness the grand wedding. Most anticipated BinJin couple will finally tie the knot. Speculation knows no boundary. From fans to the media, everybody is looking forward to CLOY couple’s ceremony. The celebration is going to take place at Aston House of Sheraton Grand Walkerhill hotel. The guest list has under 200 guests. List consists of their relatives and close friends. Both the couple has already sent the invitations.

1.Lee Dong Wook

 Lee Dong Gook got the honor of first invited guest. He himself confirmed it in his instagram post. Dong Gook congratulated the couple. There he was seen holding a white colored elegantly designed card with a golden wax seal. Though his wife has taken down the video.

Wook presented a hand written note with love and a diamond bracelet. The bracelet is pretty costly that’s sure.

2.Jang Dong Gun

The friendship between Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun is very special. Hyun Bin many times conveyed his gratitude towards Dong Gun for always supporting him even in difficult times. It is confirmed that Jang Dong Gun is going to throw a speech for the loving couple. He will give a lavish bouquet with a hand written congratulatory letter. Joo Jin Mo, Kim Soo Ro, Han Jae Suk etc. close friends of Hyun Bin is going to witness their maknae friend falling out of bachelor. They will individually gift Hyun Bin exclusive gifts. Jang Dong Gun presented a luxurious automatic car to Hyun Bin. The model is yet to be confirmed. 

3.Joo Jin Mo

Joo Jin Mo is well aware of Bin’s love for fashion. He presented an expensive tailored tuxedo from Italy to Hyun Bin. He didn’t forget to add a flower bouquet with it. Which shows how thoughtful Joo Min Mo is! 

4.Kim So Ro

Kim So Ro presented a limited edition watch and tie-pin. This handmade watch is made with sapphire crystals and the belt is made from pure leather. It belonged to a prestigious brand. The tie pin is also from there. Such a manly gift. Isn’t it? 

5.Han Jae Suk

Han Jae Suk has prepared  a wall art for Hyun Bin as a present. This fine art is from a prestigious company who creates exquisite collections of wall decor. Hyun Bin might install it in his new penthouse. 

6.Hyun Bin’s older brother

Hyun Bin’s older brother will be his best man at the wedding. He has gifted a duplex apartment to his brother and brother-in-law. This fully furnished apartment is installed with every modern equipment.

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