Ha Ji Won Dating 2022

Ha Ji Won Dating 2022

Ha Ji Won is a stunning and most accomplished actress from Korea. Jeon Hae Rim adopted stage name Ha Ji Won in respect to her former manager. The person of this name was first love of her former manager. She fulfilled her roles as boxer, pianist, stunt women, surgeon etc. with great efficiency. Some of her reputed works are seen in Dami, Hwang Jini, Empress Ki, Secret Garden, Hospital Ship etc. This 43 years gorgeous queen has pocketed many respected awards amd earned international recognition too. This diva has attracted many males with her charming personality. Generally she has many rumour regarding her love life. Let’s see who are among her confirmed and rumoured boyfriend’s list.

1.Jang Geun-suk

Ha Ji Won and Jang Geun Suk shared screen on 2006 drama Hwang Jini. During that time Jang broke up with his then girlfriend. Many suspected it was because of Ha Ji Won. Three years later Jang Geun Suk confessed about his crush on Ha Ji Won. Despite his interest they were only lovers on screen. 

2.Ji Chang Wook

In 2013 Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook rocked on Empress Ki drama. In drama their love story remained incomplete because of Ji Chang wook’s character death. It was a saddest end of K-drama industry. Fans wanted them to fulfil the story in real life. Ji Chang Wook clarified that Ha Ji Won is his ideal type. In reply Ha Ji Won said she only sees Wook as younger brother. Being nine years younger than Ha Ji Won, he couldn’t become her love interest. 

3. Chen Bo Lin

Taiwanese actor Chen Bo Lin worked alongside Ha Ji Won in 2016 film Life Risking Romance. Though they were from different nation but difference was unnoticeable in their acting. As people were fantasizing them as real life couple, they were posting similar photos on social media. Fans took it as hint of their secret relation. Ha Ji Won later praised a lot about Chen Bo Lin and didn’t forget to deny all rumours.

4. Hyun Bin

They appeared in 2010 hit drama Secret Garden. They achieved many awards together for their natural and strong on screen relation. Their close relation and intimacy was seen in their interviews too. Despite fan’s anticipation they remained friends. In 2019 Ha Ji Won stated that they were drinking partner. In this year Hyun Bin is tieing knot with Son Ye Jin. Is Ha Ji Won also invited? What do you say?

5. Jin Yi Han

Jin Yi Han was another co-star of Empress Ki. He played teacher’s role in that drama. Drama role may not suggest Ji Won and Yi Han as couple but their off screen relation grabbed many attention. Their similar age made them seem more compatible. No officials confirmed this rumour.

6. Jo In Sung

Korean drama series Something Happened in Bali, 2004 starred Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung together. Their on screen love was too cute and heartbreaking to handle. In 2012 she said she had two relationship in past and one was 8 years ago. Doesn’t it imply Jo In Sung? While promoting her movie Pawn in 2020 she said she would like to work with Jo In Sung once more. 

7. Ha Jung Woo

Ha Ji Won collaborated with actor, producer, director Ha Jung Woo in 2014 film Chronicle of a Blood Merchant. Their photoshoot, romantic christmas dinner everything Ha Ji Won shared on her own social media. People were enthralled too and thought maybe she found the one. A while later it came as only promotional aspect.

8. Lee Seung Gi

2012 drama The King of 2 Hearts starres Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi. Fans not only just received them but also adored them so much. Despite all these wants Ha Ji Won never went to realtionship with Seung Gi. She preferred older man. Perhaps she is going to alter her mind now. 

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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