Gong Myung List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2021

Gong Myung List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2022

Gong Myung is the stage name of Kim Dong Hyeon who is a South Korean actor and singer. He is a member of 5urprise, a five-member group launched in 2013 that also includes Seo Kang Joon, Yoo Il, Kang Tae Oh and Lee Tae Hwan that is active in acting, music, commercials and variety shows. Gong Myung began acting in 2013 in web series, films and television dramas, including Splendid Politics, Beautiful You and Entertainer. The charming personality and sweet smile on his face easily knocks out many girls out there. Since his debut, there has been several news of him dating his co-stars and celebrities. Let’s know who has been on his dating list till now…

1.Jung Hye Sung:

Jung Hye-sung is a South Korean actress and model who has appeared in some notable dramas like Oh the Mysterious, Good Manager, Love in the Moonlight, Pegasus Market and so on. But this couple did not meet in any drama. They met directly for the famous reality show ‘We Got Married’ which is already famous for making many real life couples on the way. Here the couples form bonds like a married couple. They marry each other as a part of act here and do various tasks together as a married couple. Jung Hye Sung and Gong Myung formed such a bond on that show. But till the end, it did not look like a fake pair anymore! Jung Hye Sung really confessed that Gong Myung’s charm flatters her heart for real. Gong Myung seemed impressed as well with his on-screen wife. Thus, fans speculated that they were also dating behind the camera in that show. But none of them revealed anything later about their real relationship.

2.Min Hyo Rin:

Min Hyo Rin is actually the wife of famous singer Taeyang from BIGBANG. They married back in 2018 and are now expecting their first child as well. But Gong Myung and Min Hyo Rin have a very beautiful chemistry with each other when they appeared together in the 2017 drama The Happy Loner. They showed the cutest relationship between an individualist girl and a sweet boy who are just opposite from each other but still have a deep connection and similarities. Their love-sick chemistry made the wow factor in that two episode’s mini drama. Thus many thought they had a real life connection with each other. But the next year, this actress tied her knot breaking all the other speculations.

3.Han Ji Eun:

Gong Myung’s one of the best dramas will be the 2019 drama Be Melodramatic. A bunch of friends in their 30’s surviving many kinds of life problems. Gong Myung plays a role here as a guy in a complicated relationship with his girlfriend. But he forms another friendship with his elder sister’s friend who is a single parent. Very beautifully he forms this close relationship where fans would definitely want them to be together in the end. Their chemistry was so good that everyone wanted them to be together in real life as well. But none of them said anything about that relationship later.

4.Krystal Jung:

Krystal Jung and Gong Myung starred as god and goddess in the fantasy movie Bride of Habaek. Gong Myung showed a different kind of character in front of the screen in this drama. His all-time sweet and kind face changed into a confident and dashing one which also suited him well. Krystal Jung and Gong Myung looked pretty good together in the drama. It was a pity they did not have any romantic chemistry on-screen. But fans want them to be together either in real life, or as a lead couple in some drama. 

5.Lee Yooyoung:

This couple is going to appear again in an upcoming movie Killing Romance. Previously they appeared together in the 2019 hit movie Extreme Job. In their first movie, fans and critics saw how well fit they are with each other. Now that they are in talks for another movie, fans cannot unsee their bond as an on-screen pair. There must be a reason they paired up for the second time together. So fans are speculating there might be something else going on between them. But it is still not sure how deep they are with their friendship or other relationship.

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