Deng Lun and Yang Zi are confirmed to Get Married

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Deng Lun and Yang Zi are confirmed to Get Married

Another celebrity pair in the Chinese industry may just tie their knot soon in 2022! This time our loving pair is the Ashes of Love star Deng Lun and Yang Zi. 

They are quite a famous couple in the industry with a known hush-hush relationship which they never reveal but we all know what is actually going on between them. The couple have been together since 2018 when they met to shoot together the Xianxia romantic drama Ashes of Love. Since the very beginning they have been together with a heavenly connection. This pair is quite inseparable wherever they go together. 

The couple has tried not to reveal their secret relationship in the media. But many proofs netizens have found that indicates their relationship is solid and still going on! Firstly, Yang Zi posted a picture of a showpiece in her Instagram. There, a reflection of Deng Lun with his T-shirt was found. Also a male hand was holding the glass showpiece and many guessed that the hand matches a lot with the hand of Deng Lun. Netizens cannot unsee that incident now as this happened for the second time with this couple. In another photo of Yang Zi, a reflection of Deng Lun was found on the wine glass kept on the table of Yang Zi. Surprisingly the attire of Deng Lun fits right away with his reflections. Thus it is quite sure that they are dating behind the media for a long time now.

Yang Zi was never open about her marriage and dating interest in the future with her fans and media. But after meeting Deng Lun, this actress had opened up about her plan on marriage! The actress wants to get married and have children by the age of 35. To have a complete family life like that, 28 is the right time to prepare right? It seems like she is well aware of that fact and to stick with her plan, she is really preparing to get married within 30. Since she is soon going to be 29 this year’s November 6, within next year, she is going to be 30. Thus the actress is very likely to get married with Deng Lun next year.

Deng Lun is also a 28-year-old actor who is multi-talented. He is both an actor and entrepreneur of many businesses. So the actor can easily be a family oriented person given his talent to be economic and intelligent. Yang Zi chose the right person for her as Deng Lun is very responsible and talented just like her. Both have their own agencies now which proves that they are independent enough to start their family. 

The couple has been exclusive for a long time since 2018. As Yang Zi openly expressed to get married with someone, we already know whom she will choose to marry in future. But the future seems to be very near just next year when they will announce their relationship and get married. We all saw such incidents with celebrity couples before who announced their relationship and marriage news together to cause less fuss about that. So, get ready to see this Ashes of Love couple getting married in real life now!

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