Choi Min Ho Dating 2022

Choi Min Ho Dating 2022

K-pop band Shinee’s idol Choi Min Ho is also popular as an actor, model, rapper, lyricist. He is Korea’s one of the best selling artists. He debuted as a band member of Shinee under SM entertainment. In 2010 he debuted as an actor in the drama Pianist. Drama, sitcom, movie, tv show, MV everywhere he marked his name with dignity. He was enthusiastic about being a soccer player too which his father didn’t approve of. He released his solo track in December 2021. His impressive acting skill can be seen in To The Beautiful You, Medical Top Team, My First Time, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth etc. In 2017 Min Ho campaigned with the former first lady of USA Melania Trump to promote the 2018 Winter Olympics. He is the inspiration of so many young people. Min Ho gained a huge fan base very early. He has been discreet about his personal life. Let’s get to know his confirmed and rumored girlfriends. 

1.Choi Sulli

Former member of girl band f(x), Choi Sulli’s real name is Choi Jin Ri. She started her career as a child actress. Later she debuted as singer, rapper through F(x). The Choi-Choi couple starred along with each other in 2012 drama The Beautiful You. But their relationship became talk of the town after them appearing as a married couple in We Got Married tv show. They became so comfortable with each other that fans could hardly believe that they were not a real life couple. They had overloaded cuteness and understanding. SM Town claimed it to be just friendship. Sadly she committed suicide in 2019. 

2.Kim Yuri

Girl’s Genaration’s star Kim Yuri is also a multi-talented artist just like Choi Min Ho. Min Ho and Yuri’s hot dance at SBS award show caught netizen’s eyes. They possess a great chemistry together. How much they look compatible with each other but they denied the rumor. 


Another Girl’s Generation member got into Choi Min Ho’s dating list. It is seen that Shinee members and Girl’s Generation has another history. They collaborated several times in commercial activities. Their romantic cameo sparked the dating rumor as they looked like God-made-couple. But the rumor stayed as rumor. 

4.Kim Go Eun

Goblin’s wife Kim Go Eun co-starred with Choi Min Ho in 2016 movie Canola. Behind the scene they were so carefree to hangout. They are the same age, probably that’s why they clicked together earlier than usual. Their sweet selfies made everybody speculate what their actual relationship is. Both the stars were so indulged in complementing each other. Agency said they enjoy each other’s company very much and they are just too good friends. 

Choi Min Ho5.Max 

Ironically TVXQ’s idol Changmin who goes by the name Max had a scandal with Choi Min Ho. They went together in a Michael Jackson tribute show. A Japanese reporter clicked their picture from behind. As Max had long hair back then it looked like Choi MIn Ho with a girl. Both of the idol laughed away the rumor.

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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