Best Korean Drama Couples of the Year 2021

Best Korean Drama Couples of the Year 2021 

Year 2021 has been a significant year for the Korean industry and the K-drama lovers. After Crash Landing on You, Start-Up, True Beauty, Mr. Queen etc. drama’s exciting and memorable couples your expectations on Korean drama couples are probably high. Our new couples did not disappoint us at all! We got to see many newcomers and our favourite K-pop idols on-screen with the unique matches this year. So, here are some of the most desirable couples of 2021 so far…

1. Song-Ah And Hyun Seung- She Would Never Know:

She Would Never Know is a South Korean office romance drama starring Won Jin-ah and Roowon. The Drama is based on a web novel Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick by Elise. This story is between a younger guy and a woman in her 30’s who works at the same company as make-up marketers. They slowly start to develop feelings for each other and dive in the deep sea of romance! 

2. Park Jae-eon and Yu Na Bi- Nevertheless:

Nevertheless is a realistic romance drama starring Han So Hee as Park Jae Eon and Song Kang as Yu Na Bi. The drama gained a lot of popularity from the very beginning because of its unique plot and the undying romance between the two characters. Park Jae Eon finds dating a waste of time but likes to flirt. He doesn’t get swept up in emotions. Yet when Jae Eon meets Yoo Na Bi, he wants to cross those lines. Likewise when Yu Na-Bi meets Jae Eon, he has a magical effect on her that challenges Na Bi’s decision to stay aloof. 

3. Vincenzo and Hong Cha Youg- Vincenzo:

Vincenco is one of the highest rated Korean dramas of 2021. The drama stars our charismatic Hallyu star Song Joong Ki as the title character alongside with gorgeous Jeon Yeo Been. Vincenzo is a cold-blooded strategist and lawyer for the Mafia. He returns to South Korea after the outbreak of war in mafia circles and meets Cha Young. While solving cases with Hong Cha Young, he falls in love with her. The couple made a perfect match for each other. People loved and adored their chemistry. It is also circulating that they are dating in real life as well!

4. Hwang Hee Tae and Kim Myeong Hee- Youth Of May:

Youth of May is a heart touching romantic melodrama starring Lee Do Hyun as Hwang Hee Tae, a heir of a political rich family and Go Min Si as Myeong Hee who is ill-fated with her life. The drama is set in 1980 during the Gwangju Uprising. Youth of May tells the story of people entangled in a complicated relationship. The couple slowly comes close towards each other. They represent an undying love story everyone craves.

5. Shin Woo  Yeo and Lee Dam- My Roommate is a Gumiho:

Shim Woo Yeo and Lee Dam in the drama My Roommate is a Gumiho is one of the trending couple among the netizens right now. The couple has a unique love story mixed with a lot of comedy scenes and thrilling plots, which attracted the viewers. Our nine tailed fox Woo-yeo is a 999-year-old Gumiho who needs to fill his fox bead with human energy before he turns 1,000 years old. One day, a college girl, Lee Dam accidentally swallows Woo-yeo’s fox bead. To revive the bead, they start to live with each other. But slowly they fall in love with each other. Lee Dam and Gumiho’s relationship is too adorable to be ignored. The drama is a must watch for the fantasy lovers.

6. Tak Dong Gyung and Myul Mang- Doom At Your Service:

This fantasy romantic melodrama is starring Park Bo Young as Tak Dong Gyung and Seo In Guk as Myul Mang! Dong Gyung is sick with everything in the world. She faces many tragedies of life and ends up wishing the world to fall apart. In the meantime Myul Mang is a messenger of human to god. He is born between light and darkness. He listens to Dong Gyung’s wish and while fulfilling her wish they end up falling for each other.

7. Kang Da Jeong and Ju Yeong Do- You Are My Spring:

You Are My Spring is an ongoing South Korean television series starring Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Dong Wook. The series follows the three main characters that live with their respective ‘seven years of age in their hearts. It is a life related romantic drama. Da Jeong wants to start fresh in her life after experiencing many traumas. Where Ju Yeong Do is a psychiatrist ,who helps people live. They both meet each other and help each other grow. Their chemistry is refreshing and balanced. We can see a healthy, mature relationship between them.

8. Yeo Jun and Kim So Bin- At a Distance, Spring is Green:

At A Distance, Spring Is Green is a youthful Korean drama where we can see different slices of life. It is about few students’ campus life in their 20s whose lives appear to be like the beauty of spring from afar but cold and harsh when viewed up close. Above all we can see the refreshing and lovely love story of Yeo Jun and Kim So Bin. Yeo Jun has everything in life but still there is another scar full life of him he doesn’t show. On the other side Kim So Bin is fairly average in everything and struggles to stand out. The couple is gaining much popularity due to its youthful appearances and stages. 

9. Who Joon and Lee Geun Young- So I Married an Anti-fan:

So I Married the Anti-fan is a rom-com drama starring Choi Tae Joon as Who Joon and Choi Soo Young as Lee Geun Young. The drama shows romance between top star Who Joon and his anti-fan reporter Lee Geun who end up participating in a television show where they live together. Their sweet and sour relationship is the main focus of drama. We can also see many hilarious scenes and twists in the drama. 

10. Yi Su Kyeong and Ba Woo- Bossam: Steal the Fate:

Bossam: Steal the Fate is a South Korean television series starring Jung Il-woo as Ba Woo and Kwon Yuri as Su Kyeong. Ba Woo’s life takes a turning point when he mistakenly kidnaps king’s daughter Su Kyeong. The drama is set during the reign of King Gwanghae and revolves around Ba Woo and Princess Soo Kyung. The story is about life and love that touches upon the oppression experienced by women and the impoverished. They experience a dramatic romantic journey together.

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