10 Randy Orton Crazy and Funny Moments in WWE
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10 Randy Orton Crazy and Funny Moments in WWE

Publish By: Celedrama

Date: 16 May, 2023


Randy Orton is one of the biggest names in WWE and has been entertaining audiences for over two decades. Throughout his career, the Viper has been known for his signature moves, intense rivalries, and of course, his sense of humor. Today, let’s talk about top 10 Randy Orton's craziest and funniest moments in WWE till now…


  1. Iconic RKO Outta Nowhere:

Randy Orton’s RKO Outta Nowhere move is so iconic that it has become a cultural phenomenon in WWE. One of his best finishing with RKO took place back in 12 July 2010 in WWE RAW against Evan Bourne. During the match, Evan surprised the Viper by attacking him in the middle of the ring. But the return gift was way too surprising for Evan himself! When Evan was making an air attack on Orton, Orton stuck the hit and made a mid-air RKO on Evan which funnily made a fool out of him.


2.   Attacking Vince McMahon:

Randy Orton can be very reckless sometimes! Another crazy moment of Randy took place in a WWE RAW back in 2009 when Vince McMahon was calmly appreciating his daughter Stephanie on the stage. Of course, there cannot be any calm moment in RAW when Randy Orton is there. He furiously entered the stage because Vince was about to fire him in the Royal Rumble match. But Randy Orton challenged him that he would win it. Then he did something really dangerous! In a spur of moment, he gave Vince a punt kick which is even more dangerous than RKO move. Vince quickly ran from there that day.


3.   His Christmas Attack:

Randy Orton and David Otunga’s fight in the memorable Miracle on 34th Street Fight on SmackDown in 2011 will be remembered to his fans for a long long time. Randy did not leave any Christmas element present in that show to hit David in the fight. He took him out of the ring and threw him several times on Christmas trees. Then the guy takes a break in the middle of the game to have Christmas cookies! While eating the tasty cookie, he broke the tray on Otunga. Next he threw a leaf-ring around Otunga’s head and gave him another punch singing ‘ho ho ho’. The funny fight between the two entertained the audience that Christmas for sure.


4.   Randy Orton Breaking Character:

We do not see WWE stars breaking characters on stage. But when it's Randy Orton, everything is possible! He can be hilarious anytime anywhere and can switch back to his ruthless avatar really quick. This happened when a Handicap Match of RAW took place back in 2015 between Roman Reigns-Randy Orton and the tag team The New Day. The plot started when Roman and Randy were feuding over who can beat Seth Rollins in a match. But the sudden entry of The New Day with their theme song changed everyone’s mood. Randy Orton seemed to like that song and started vibing with his opponent’s song! Their team lost the match but Randy Orton’s reaction to the song still remains memorable today.


5.   The Sudden RKO Ambush on Brock Lesnar:

Randy Orton was going to face The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar in the Summer Slam of 2016. Brock’s manager Paul Heyman was in a great mood in a RAW match when he was openly challenging Randy Orton to knock him out by his client Brock Lesnar. He was slaying Randy Orton by words and making fun of his RKO Outta Nowhere move. Brock Lesnar was quite enjoying the shaming standing beside Paul. Little did they know that Randy was just minutes away from giving them the best answer possible! Randy Orton made an unscheduled appearance in the RAW and gave one of the best RKO to Brock Lesnar which totally knocked him out. The reaction of Randy after that to Paul was so hilarious that fans still laugh at that.


6.   Banging and Regretting at the Same Time:

At the Pay-per-view event on Sunday RAW in 2017, Randy Orton was defeated by Jinder Mahal in a match. But the feud spread to the announcers table that day. The angry Viper held the grudge against Samir and Sunil Singh who are known to be another tag team as The Singh Brothers. Beating Sunil, he picked up Samir Singh and drove him through the table. Samir bangs his head against the floor which was pretty bad. Orton instantly winced, realizing that the impact could be painful. The moment was shocking as well as funny!



7.   When Life Gives You Hot Dog, Eat That:

It was a RAW event of 2014 during the reign of John Cena. The match was a 3 on 1 handicapped match between Seth Rollins-Kane-Randy Orton vs John Cena. John Cena alone tackled all three beasts and made them disqualified from the match. Suddenly a twist appeared with Dean Ambrose. He came with a Hot Dog cart and pushed it towards Randy Orton’s whole team! When the situation couldn’t be any more chaotic, Randy Orton’s different reaction amazed everyone. He saw a hot dog was coming onto him and did not let the food get wasted! He literally picked the hot dog and started eating it! It was not written in his script, but he still broke his character hilariously.


8.   A Kiss to Roman Reigns!:

Did you know? Randy Orton was caught blowing a kiss to his rival (or I should say Lover) Roman Reigns! The mishap happened when there was an ongoing feud between the WWE WrestleMania 31 Champion Roman Reigns and the Viper Randy Orton. After winning the championship, Roman was giving his monologue on the stage in an event. He was talking about Randy Orton and picking on him with words. But when the cameraman captured him, Randy was seen blowing a kiss to Roman Reigns! Fans were confused and laughing out loud at the funny gesture of Randy. After the event ended, Randy revealed why he was doing that. He confessed he was not even listening to Roman at all, did not know that the camera was on him, and the kiss was to his wife!


9.   Mishap on Smackdown 2011:

Wrestling moves can self-harm wrestlers sometimes. During the Smackdown event in 2011, Randy Orton was fighting Kane aka Glenn Jacobs in a street fight. The feud went beyond the ring and they took the fight to the announcers table that day as well. Randy Orton has the upper hand on that fight who was crashing Kane down. To continue the beating, Randy stood up on the table and hit Kane with leg. Kane fell and so fell Randy being imbalanced on the table! He crashed on the floor and hit his head badly. But the Viper stood up and continued the fight ignoring the embarrassing situation.


10.                Failed Dramatic Celebration:

Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble Match of 2009 by ambushing Triple H after 50 minutes of fight. It was definitely a big moment for Randy Orton’s career. The Viper had to celebrate it in full swing and WWE set-up had to support that. It supported indeed, but was a bit late. Tradition wise he pointed his finger to the WrestleMania sign and pyro sparkle was about to come out. He held up his hand to the sign but nothing came out for a few minutes! It was embarrassing for the new champion for sure. When he almost gave up, the fireworks took place.

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