Ahn Hyo Seop List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2021


Ahn Hyo Seop List of Rumored and Confirmed Girlfriends 2022

Ahn Hyo Seop aka Paul Ahn is a Canadian actor based in South Korea under Starhaus Entertainment. He was born in Seoul, South Korea, and subsequently moved to Toronto, Canada. Along with being a brilliant actor who is now featuring in the drama Lovers of the Red Sky, this actor is also a brilliant singer who was about to sign with the famous K-pop group GOT7. His transformation from the second lead in Still17 to Abyss, this handsome actor has snatched away many hearts till now. Thus this actor has had many dating rumors till now. Let’s know in brief, who has been on his dating list so far…

1.Lee Sung Kyung:

Lee Sung Kyung has a past with Nam Joo Hyuk with whom she officially dated for a brief period of time. But Lee Sung and Ahn Hyo Seop met and formed this friendship while working together in the famous medical drama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim2. Ahn Hyo Seop also seemed to have a crush on this beautiful actress. Even after completing their drama, they kept contact with each other. Lee Sung sent a coffee truck and gifts to Ahn Hyo Seop for his other shooting project later. Thus it is no secret that they had formed a relationship off-screen which was more than a friendship. But none of them confessed anything later on.

2.Kim Yoo Jung: 

With Kim Yoo Jung, Ahn Hyo Seop is doing his most recent drama Lovers of the Red Sky. Since the launch of its first poster, Ahn’s hot red eyes and Kim Yoo Jung’s cute Hanbok look were giving fans a vibe that their pair is going to rock on-screen with their chemistry. That actually happened when they came on-screen with regular episodes. They are already a very cute pair off-screen as well. Often Ahn and Kim post their close behind the scene pictures. Even in the promotional events, they showed their closeness with each other. So fans are speculating that the two are forming a kind of relationship which is not friendship anymore!

3.Park Bo Young:

Park Bo Young, the queen of hit dramas, acted alongside Ahn Hyo Seop in their 2019 drama Abyss. This fantasy romance drama gave Ahn Hyo Seop tremendous success in his acting career which was quite sure as his lady co-star was none but Bo Young. But their chemistry became a topic in the media as well! Everywhere in the promotional events and in other places, they were pretty close with each other. Soon their friendship was rumored to be more than that. As both the actors are single now, there may be more stories in their relationship which are still unrevealed.

4.Kim Seul Gi:

This Splash Splash Love couple built a great chemistry on-screen. It was Kim Seul Gi’s first drama as a lead while Ahn was still a struggling actor at that time. But even for a short while, fans loved their chemistry on TV. Thus they also have a dating rumor which was undeniable given their status as single.

5.Shin Hye Sun:

If you have watched the drama Still17, you must have felt very bad for its second lead Ahn Hyo Seop. For obvious reasons, fans loved his acting in the drama. His performance here also catapulted his acting career right from that year. There his on-screen lady crush Shin Hye Sun is actually a good friend of Ahn. They all had a great time working with each other. Ahn came very close with Shin Hye Sun during that time which he revealed later. Although they did not have many dating rumors, many of their fans liked their pair and wanted them together either in reel or real life.

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