Hottest Korean Dramas Coming Out In August 2021

8 Hottest Korean Dramas Coming Out In August 2021

After finishing amazing dramas in June and July like Nevertheless you probably are waiting for new dramas to fill the void. Well, August has more exciting news for the dramaholics! There are brand new dramas which are waiting to be released very soon. So, here is a list of Korean dramas to put on your watch list for this August.

1.Dear M: Anticipated drama in August

Dear M is an upcoming South Korean college-romance television series starring Park Hye-su, Jeong Jae-hyun, Roh Jeong-eui and Bae Hyun-sung. The series follows the university life of four students as they search for “M” who publishes an anonymous confession in their university student forum. They go through university-life, changing friendships, and realistic budding romances in the course of their search.

2.Fly High Butterfly: release Date 23 August

Fly High Butterfly is a realistic Korean drama about four youthful people who struggles in their way to achieve their dreams. The drama stars Kim Hyang-gi, Oh Yoon-ah, Choi Daniel and Shim Eun-woo. The series follows the story of hair stylists at ‘Fly on Butterfly’ hair salon with a very simple and lively plot. It was scheduled to be released in march 2021 but due to some problems regarding the cast it couldn’t be aired.

3.The Road (Tragedy Of One): 4th August

The Road: Tragedy of One is an upcoming thrilling South Korean drama directed by Kim No-won and starring Ji Jin-hee, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Hye-eun and Kim Sung-soo.[ the series tells the story of the ugly desires, secrets, guilt and salvation of ‘Royal the Hill’, where only the top 1% of Korea live. There will also be many mystery and exciting plot twists. It is scheduled to premiere on tvN on August 4, 2021.

4.Red Sky: 9th august

Red Sky is an upcoming South Korean romantic fantasy television  series, starring Kim Yoo-jung, Ahn Hyo-seop, Gong Myung and Kwak Si-yang. It tells of a mysterious and beautiful story of a female painter, with extraordinary aesthetic insight and painting skills. The story unravels her terrible fatebut is a romantic love story with our charming Ahn Hyo-seop. who reads the stars and was also blinded by an unfortunate accident. Well, it is going to be an exciting drama for history lovers.

5.Second Husband: 9th august

Second Husband is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Cha Seo-won, Uhm Hyun-kyung and Oh Seung-ah. Second Husband is a passionate romantic love story in which a woman has an unfortunate childhood. But due to her strong and positive personality, she rises up. 

6.No Longer Human: 27th august

No Longer Human is a life related Korean Drama casting Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Joon Yeol. The drama tells the story of people who realize; they haven’t become anything throughout their lives and try their best to see the spotlight. The story tells about the life of some common folks who find themselves disqualified from being a human and face failure, anxiety, loneliness and eventually try to get over it. 

7.Hometown ChaChaCha: 28th august

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is a romantic comedy series starring  Laughter in Waikiki’s Kim Seon-ho and beautiful Korean actress Shin Min-a. It is a remake of 2004 South Korean film Mr. Handy. It is a story of a woman who has both beauty and brains. She moves to a seashore village and meets Mr. Hong. Unemployed Hong Doo Shik, who is known as Mr. Hong around town, is a master of odd jobs who appears to help everyone in Gongjin with any situation they run into.

8. Yumi’s Cells: August 25th

King:The Eternal Monarch’s Kim Go-eun’s much-awaited drama, ‘Yumi’s Cells’ has officially been announced to air this month! The drama will have Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Yoo Bi, and Park Ji Hyun as main leads.It is based on a super hit webtoon, with the story revolving around an employee called Yumi and the different cells in her brain that control her emotions, feelings and actions.

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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