20 Korean couple with shocking age gap

20 Korean couple with shocking age gap

Age is nothing but a number. This proverb plays fully on Korean couples. According to Korean cultural belief 12 years age gap is best, because this much gap makes zodiac signs more compatible. Despite huge age gap many couples are doing great. Let’s check out 20 adorable korean celebrity couples with shocking age gap.

1.Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin

Age difference: 1 year 

Undoubtedly Bin-Jin couple is the God Made Couple. Netizens fell for them while watching Crash Landing On You and they fell for each other while shooting. They are the ideal reel to real couple. Son Ye Jin is only 1 year older than 39 years old Hyun Bin. They are going take wedding vows in this March 2022. Ain’t they meant to be?

2.Park Shin Hye & Choi Tae Joon

Age difference: 2 years

After dating each other almost 5 years Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon tied knot this January . They are expecting a baby boy too. Park being 32 years old and Choi Tae Joon being 30 years makes one of the gorgeous couple ever. 

3.Jung Kyung Ho & Sooyoung 

Age difference: 6 years

Jung Kyung Ho and Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung has been dating each other since 2013.  

4.Shin Min Ah & Kim Woo Bin

Age difference: 6 years

They met through a clothing commercial in 2015. Since than they are one of the cutest couple ever. Together they have passed many highs and lows.

5.Ryu Jun Yeol & Hyeri 

Age difference: 7 years

They encountered for first time in script reading of  popular drama Reply 1988. From 2015 to toll now they have been beside each other as partner. 

6.Lee Jung Jin & Euaerin

Age difference: 10 years

Actor Lee Jung Jin (43) publicly announced his relation with model,  singer, rapper Euaerin (33) in January 2018.  After dating for 2 years they broke up in 2019. 

7.Song Seung Heon and Liu Yi Fei

Age difference: 11 years

44 years old charming actor Song Seung Heon was in relationship with 33 years old Liu Yi Fein. They broke up in 2018 yet their coming back to each other is regular phenomenon. 

8.Jang Kiha and IU

Age difference: 11 years.

Pop idol and actress IU had a serious realtionship with Jung Kiha back in 2013. After several years unfortunately they broke up.  Who knows they can come back or not!

9.Lee Min Jung & Lee Byung Hun

Age difference: 12 years

After dating for several months they announced their relation in 2012 and got married in 2013. They welcomed their first son in 2015. Their playful fights are so dearing to their fans.

10.Yang Hyun Suk & Lee Eun Joo

Age difference: 12 years

Yang Hyuk Suk married his former bandmate’s sister Lee Eun Joo after dating for 9 years. He secretly had crush on her for 3 years. They married in simplest way back in 2010. 

11.Bae Yong Joon & Park Soo Jin

Age difference: 13 years 

Former actor and now a businessman Bar Yong Joon got married with actress, singer Park Soo Jin in 2015 and currently they are parenting two children.

12.Ha Hyun Woo & Heo Young Ji

Age Difference: 13 years

After working in a tv show Shadow Singer this pair developed intense feelings for each other. Their age gap seemed nothing to their happiness. They confirmed their relation in 2018. 

13.Heechul & Momo

Age difference: 13 years

Heechul (38) first met Twice’s Momo (25)  in 2016. Denying dating rumour in 2019, they officially went public in 2020. Right next year in July 2021 they broke up. 

14.Lee Dong Wook & Suzy

Age difference: 13 years

15.Moon Hee Jun & So Yul

Age difference: 13 years 

Moon Hee Jun (43) and Crayon Pop‘s So Yul (30) has dated for several months before marrying in February 2017. In the same year they welcomed their first daughter. 

16.Kim Jong Min & Hwang Mi Na

Age difference: 14 years

After TV Chosun’s reality show “Taste of Dating” this pair became reel to real life couple.

17.Seo Taiji & Lee Eun Sung

Age difference: 16 years

Seo Taiji was Lee Eun Sung’s fangirl. She first met him at MV shooting for his 8th album. Indeed a lucky girl who married her idol! 

18.So Ji Sub and Cho Un Jeong

Age difference: 16 years

44 years old actor So Ji Sub announced his marriage with former TV representer Cho Un Jeong in 2020. People became surprised to know that Cho Un Jeong is only 28! Their married life is going amazing despite huge age gap. 

19.Ma Dong Seok & Ye Jung Hwa

Age difference: 17 years

Train to Busan actor Ma Dong Seok and entertainer Ye Jung Hwa has a successful relationship due to their similar likings. They both are exercise fetish and love English so much. They have undeniable chemistry too. Before that chemistry 17 years is nothing. 

20.Mina & Ryu Phillip

Age difference: 17 years

Mina (49) and Ryu Philip (32) first encountered in a friend’s birthday party. They began dating in 2015 and after dating for three years they legally married each other in July 2018. 

21.Ham So Won & Jin Hua

Age difference: 18 years

Sex Is Zero star Ham So Won (45) has created shocking example with her husband Jin Hua (28). She is 18 years older than him. Jin Hua revealed it was love at first sight and he approached first. They are parents of a beautiful daughter.

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