10 Korean Celebs who were born poor

10 Korean Celebs who were born poor

Not all celebrities are born with silver spoon in their mouth. Many of them had to go through extreme hardship to mark their name. Here is the list of 10 Korean celebrities who were born poor, now are shining bright in the entertainment industry. 


Lee Ji Eun known as IU has motivating life story. Her parents fell into big amount of debt. As a result, IU and her brother had to move in with their grandparents into a single room apartment. They had to go with minimum amount of accommodation. After training hard, failing 20 auditions, flop debut single she made her way into people’s heart at the age of 15. IU said how she loved to stay in the studio as her living condition was so poor. She is 2019’s Forbes Asia’s  Hero of Philanthropist list. 

2.Seo In Guk

Doom At Your Service star So In Guk grew up in poverty. His mother was a recyclable product collector and his father was a welder. He learnt mixed martial art at very early age. At the of 10 he decided to be a singer. Despite his father’s objection he left for Seoul to become a singer only at 20.  With sufferings of repeated rejection, hard training, struggle with Bulimia he kept fighting for his place. His journey started after winning the singing competition Superstar K. He even completed his studies in Applied Music, Performing Arts and Information Communication. 


Girl’s Day idol, My Roommate is a Gumiho star Hyeri Lee grew up in extreme poverty. She and her 2 years younger sister lived with their grandmother in the countryside while her mother worked in a factory to earn for them to survive. Dream T Entertainment scouted her in middle school. From that her life changed towards betterment. 

4.Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum, who seems to have a picture perfect life, underwent financial struggles too. In his 20’s he was declared bankrupt. His father took a loan for business in 2008 signing Bo Gum as guarantor. Unfortunately his father couldn’t repay ontime and faced such a harsh reality. 

5.Han So Hee

Nevertheless star Han So Hee came to Seoul with eyes full with dream, heart with hopes and very little money. She worked late hours in bar to meet up her extent. Result of her sacrifice is before public now. She pursued her dream of acting. 

6.Park Shin Hye

Hallyu’s brightest star Park Shin Hye is one of the highest paid stars. She along with her family  underwent financial crisis. She never forgets those harsh days. She still makes her time and property in philanthropic work. In childhood she wanted to be a police officer as her mother was robbed back then. 


Jung Ji Hoon, who goes by the name Rain, earned stardom in 2003. He is successful actor, singer, dancer, songwriter and record producer. Despite all this glory his early life went through poverty too. His family greatly suffered from 1997’s Korea’s financial crisis. His father declared bankruptcy and moved to Brazil to earn money and his mother worked here as a fruit seller. As his family couldn’t afford treating his mother’s diabetes, she passed by in 2000 due to it. 

8. Sandara Park

History-making girl group 2NE1 idol Sandara Park and her family left Korea for Philippines for better economic opportunity. She only got the chance to return to Korea after marking her name ih Philippines entertainment industry through talent show Star Circle Quest 2004. 

9.Cha Seung Won

51 years old Cha Seung Won is a popular model and actor. He went through poverty with great deal of struggle. From early childhood he observed sufferings of poverty. He got married to his ex wife at the age of 20 and lived in the basement for three years due to financial crisis.

10.Song Jae Rim 

This 37 years old actor and model is from Hallyu’s one of the most popular faces. In a documentary of 2014 he admitted his life before stardom was in economic crisis. He could hardly make his ends.

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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