10 Hottest Chinses Dramas Coming Out in August 2021

10 Hottest Chinses Dramas Coming Out in August 2022

After Make a Wish, Unforgettable Love, Ancient Love Poetry and other exclusive dramas of July, you must be waiting for more interesting C-dramas to watch in August! Well, don’t fear, more amazing dramas are here! Let’s check out which dramas are coming to entertain us throughout this August.

1.Five Water Boys: Estimated date 13 August 

This drama is starring Leo Wu, Peng Yu, Jackson Yi and many young and handsome actors of China. In the drama five ordinary high school teenagers with different personalities must complete a men’s synchronized swimming show for an accident. The warm and youthful drama may get released this August 2021!

2.Winner Is King: Estimated date August 2021

Starring Tan Jianci, Chen Zheyuan, Li Hong Yi and Sun Anke, this drama is an upcoming Chinese television series based on the BL historical novel ‘Sha Po Lang’. After the immense success of The Untamed this drama is going to fill the void of ‘boy love’ lovers. But we have to see is the drama adaptations ends up as a brotherhood or not.

3.Thank You Doctor: 19 august

Fans are really excited to see Yang Mi with Johnny Bai in the upcoming drama Thank You Doctor. The drama is going to air on 19 August which will tell a story about doctors of the newly-established EICU who rely on their medical expertise to save every patient. Overcoming differences, they pour their hearts and soul to preserving life.

4.Novoland: Pearl Eclipse- estimated date in August 

It seems Yang Mi has some exclusive dramas in a row to get released very soon. Novoland is one of the anticipated dramas of C-drama lovers as it is bringing together Yang Mi and William Chan in the drama. By the released clips and posters, it can be guessed that this drama is going to grab many hearts.

5.The Blue Whisper: Anticipated to air soon in August or this year

It is another hot drama which may come in August or soon in 2021. The historical and Fantasy drama will also feature a romantic genre in the story. The Xianxia drama will have stars like Dilraba Dilmurat, Allen Ren, Aero Xiao and so on.

6.A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College- August/September

Dating in the Kitchen actress Rozy Zhao and a bunch of young beautiful actors and actresses will form a different Comedy and School drama which is also Historical! It is a story of the only daughter of the Grand Marshal, Sang Qi, who becomes the only female student at the Imperial College due to a gamble. She embarks on campus life and becomes the only female student to be enrolled in the Imperial College in history.

7.Heroes: Anticipated to air soon in August or this year 

This adventure kind of Wuxia drama will probably air in this year August or soon this year. The story of a kind-hearted youth named Wang Xiaoshi, and the adventures he experienced after traveling down the mountain. During his journey, he meets and befriends several like-minded peers and the story keeps forming around them.

8.Mirror Twin Cities: Anticipated to air soon in August or this year 

Li Yi Feng and Yukee Chen as in Su Mo and Bai Ying are starring in this upcoming Fantasy drama Mirror Twin Cities. In a dreamlike paradise ‘Desolate Cloud’, the Sea Prince, Su Mo meets a female disciple of the Sword Saint, Bai Ying. The two of them unknowingly gets embroiled in a generation feud and struggle of fate.

9.Forever and Ever: Anticipated to air soon in August or this year 

Allen Ren and Bai Lu are coming with the drama Forever and Ever soon this year most probably in August. Adapted from the novel “One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones” by Mo Bao Fei Bao, the story starts when a gentle and low profile voice actor, meets a refined chemistry professor at the airport. Despite the brief encounter, both have a deep impression on each other. 

10.The Story of the Bat: Anticipated to air soon in August or this year 

This Wuxia drama is about four young heroes hailing from the prominent families of Wulin who work together to investigate the famed murderer named ‘Bat’. In the midst of investigation, they unveil the mystery left behind by the good and evil forces of Jianghu twenty years ago. Hopefully the dram will air soon in August or this year!

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Written by Zannatul Ferdous

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